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About the Mevlevi Ring

This is the homepage for the Mevlevi Ring. The purpose of this webring is to unite the currently approved members of the International Mevlana Foundation, Istanbul, that maintain websites representing the Mevlevi Order of Islamic sufism.

The hope is that the Mevlevi Ring will help resolve confusion caused by the many websites on the Internet that claim authority to represent the Mevlevi Order.

Websites belonging to the Mevlevi Ring will have the logo of the International Mevlana Foundation which will signify acceptance, approval, and authorization to represent the Mevlevi tradition by the current hereditary leader of the Mevlevi Order--Faruk Hemdem Chelebi, the 33rd Makam-i Chelebi (hereditary leader of all Mevlevis) and the 22nd generation direct descendent of Hazret-i Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi. The Mevlevi Ring will allow visitors to visit the various websites that are authorized to represent the Mevlevi tradition.