Ghazal no. 1438,1 lines 15207-08, 15211, 15214, 15216

15207 (My) helpless heart lacks a firm hold on love for him, since
I'm biting the end of the chain2 night and day, like (the crazed)

15208 I am amidst blood and if his visionary image comes, I fear
that I may stain his image with the blood of (my) heart, from being
in a state of ecstasy.

15211 My torn heart continues to be (wandering) like a star5 every
night, (and) my sleep (has) been scattered by the dawn of (that)
willful beloved of mine.

15214 Escape! Since I am wearing a garment of fire, like a sun.
(And), like a sun, within that fire I will adorn a (whole) world.

15216 Escape! Since, like a moon, I am melting from longing
sorrow for him. Though I am not diminishing like the moon
(nevertheless), like the moon, I will not increase after this.

--From The Dîwân-é Kabîr (also known as "Kulliyat-é Shams" and
"Dîwân-é Shams-é Tabrîz") of Jalaluddin Rumi.
Translated from the Persian by Ibrahim Gamard
Ibrahim Gamard (translation, footnotes, & transliteration). 5/5/02

Notes on the text, with line number:

1. Ghazal no. 1438: These verses (not translated before in English)
are sung in Persian by Shahram Nazeri on a CD entitled
"Mystified (Heyrani)" track 2, "Desire," QuarterTone Productions,
QTCD-1001, 1997. The singing does not follow the traditional
poetic meter, but is in an Iranian style composed by Kaykhosro
Pournazeri. It may be ordered via this link.

2. (15207) I'm biting the end of the chain: means like an insane
person who is kept in chains to prevent him from hurting himself.

3. (15207) like (the crazed) Majnoon: literally, "jinn-possessed,"
meaning "crazy." Majnoon was a legendary lover who was driven
insane by his love for Laylâ.

4. (15208) The recording has a difference in the second half of the
verse:"ze bê-khwêshî kheyâl-ash-râ ba-khûn-é del be-y-âlây-am."

5. (15211) (wandering) like a star: from ancient times, the planets
were viewed as "wandering stars."


15207 na-dâr-ad pây-é `ishq-é ô del-é bê-dast-o bê-pây-am
ke rôz-o shab chô majnûn-am, sar-é zanjîr mê-khây-am

15208 meyân-é khûn-am-o tars-am ke gar ây-ad kheyâl-é ô
bâ-khûn-é del kheyâl-ash-râ ze-bê-khwêshî be-y-âlây-am 4

15211 hamê gard-ad del-é pâra hama shab ham-chô estâra
shoda khwâb-é man âwâra ze-saHr-é yâr-é khwod-rây-am

15214 rahâ kon tâ chô khwarshêdê qabâyê pôsh-am az âtash
dar-ân âtash chô khwarshêdê jahânê-râ be-y-ârây-am

15216 rahâ kon tâ ke chûn mâhê godâzân-é gham-ash bâsh-am
ke tâ chûn mah na-kâh-am man chô mah z-ân pas na-y-afzây-am


Meter: oXXX oXXX oXXX oXXX

(Hazaj sâlim, musammam)