The Musical Composition Called "Husayni" [Husaynî âyîn-é Sharîf]

[Mevlevi Composer: unknown. This ayîn is called an "Ancient
Composition"-- "Basta-yé Qadîm"]

FIRST SALâM (Birinci Selâm)

a Persian rubâ`î:

No fire is ignited in our hearts except (by) Him,1

(And) no stage of ours is shortened except (by) Him.

Even if the people of the world could all be doctors,

Our problems will not be solved except (by) Him!

âtesh na-zan-ad dar del-é mâ illâ Hû
kôtah na-kon-ad manzil-é mâ illâ Hû
gar `âlamiy-ân jumla Tabîb-ân bâsh-ad
Hall na-kon-ad mushkil-é mâ illâ Hû

from a Persian verse:

If you make a fresh rose petal to grow for me,
I will be joyful when it arrives according to my wish, but
Any help is acccording to the wish of my beloved!2

gar sabza'ê rân-î ma-râ gol-barg-é tarê
shâdmân-am ke rasad andar murâd-é khwêsh, walî
hay châra'ê andar murâd-é yâr-é man

a Persian rubâ`î:

Today is the mystical concert,3 the concert, the concert!

It is light and radiance, radiance, radiance!

This love is revealed, revealed, revealed!

(Going away) from the intellect, it is farewell, farewell, farewell!

emrôz samâ`-ast-o samâ`-ast-o samâ`
nûr-ast-o shû`â`-ast-o shû`â`-ast-o shû`â`
în `ishq mushâ`-ast-o mushâ`-ast-o mushâ`
az `aql widâ`-ast-o widâ`-ast-o widâ`

[by Jalâluddîn Rûmî: Dîwân-é Kabîr, Rubâ`î 1046]

SECOND SALâM (Ikinci selâm)

ay bê-wafâ yâr... [from Dôgâh âyîn-é Sharîf, through Second

ey ki hezar âferin. . . [from Dôgâh âyîn-é Sharîf]

ay qawm ba-Hajj rafta. . . [from Panjgâh âyîn-é Sharîf,
through Fourth Salâm]

--translated from Persian, Arabic, and Turkish by Ibrahim Gamard
©Ibrahim Gamard (translation, footnotes, & transliteration), 12/99
and 9/04

Translation words and transliterations are based on the best edition
of Rumi's Divan (by Foruzanfar) based on the earliest manuscripts,
so there may be minor differences in wording with what has been
published or musically recorded in Turkey.


1except (by) Him ['illâ hû]: a common Arabic phrase used by sufis
in prayer-chanting which frequently occurs in the Qur'an, "There is
no divinity except Him" [lâ 'illâha 'illâ hû].

2according to the wish of my beloved: this is an example of how
the sufi disciple submits his will to the beloved spiritual master,
whose will symbolizes the Divine Will and whose training helps
the disciple to surrender more profoundly to God' s Will.

3the mystical concert [samâ`]: literally, "audition." Means ecstatic,
listening, chanting, singing, moving, whirling, and dance-like
movements to spiritual poetry and music.