Concordance of English Translations of Selections from the "Discourses of Shams-i Tabrizi" (Maqâlât-e shams-e tabrîzî)

Compiled by Ibrahim Gamard, 4/11

This is a concordance of five books in English containing selections of Shams' teachings, as recorded by his disciples (among whom was the son and successor of Mawlana Rumi, Sultan Walad, who is thought to have been the scribe of the best manuscript of the Maqâlât).

These translations are very important because study of the Maqâlât has revolutionized the understanding of the teachings of Shams-i Tabrizi. The first selections in English were made by Franklin Lewis in 2000.

The Maqâlât is often difficult to understand, even for scholars of classical/medieval Persian literature (usually due to ambiguity or lack of information about the context, such as the person(s) addressed). This is so problematic that the Iranian editor, Movahhed, has removed difficult to understand sections (even single sentences) and placed them together in later sections of the book.

The compiler was able to find matching Persian texts in Movahhed's edition (those unfound are at the end of the concordance), which was challenging because Türkmen's page references are to an earlier published Persian edition (by Khusnavis). Although Algan's page references are to the Turkish translation (not possessed by the compiler), the difficulty was ameliorated by the fact that the translations usually follow the same sequences as in Movahhed's edition, and therefore were fairly easy to locate.


Maq. = "Maqâlât-e shams-e tabrîzî", edited by Mohammad `Alî Movahhed, one volume (containing Vols. 1 and 2), second edition of the Persian text, 1377/1999. Contains 1,023 pages.

Lewis = Franklin D. Lewis, "Rumi: Past and Present, East and West: The Life, Teachings and Poetry of Jalâl al-Din Rumi," 2000, revised paperback edition 2003. Contains selected translations from Movahhed's edition of the Persian text.

Chitt = William C. Chittick, "Me and Rumi: The Autobiography of Shams-i Tabrizi," 2004. Contains 306 pages of selected translations from Movahhed's edition of the Persian text, plus 99 pages of footnotes and other indexes. There is also a Persian edition of this book: "Man ve Môlânâ", translated by Shihâbuddîn `Abâsî (which includes Chittick's selections from the Maqâlât as well as Chittick's English translation at the end of the book), 1386/2008.

Türk = Erkan Türkmen, "Teachings of Shams-i Tabrezi (Rumi's Master)," 2004, published in Konya, Turkey. Contains 107 pages: primarily, of selected translations from Ahmad Khushnavis' edition (1349/1971, 440 pages) of the Persian text "Maqâlât-e Shams-e Tabrîzî"; secondarily, of selected translations from Mehmet Nuri Gencosman's Turkish translation. Some of the deficiencies of this book are limitations in the knowledge of English, use of an inferior text when a superior one (by Movahhed) was available, and a portion of translations from the Turkish translation which are difficult to match with Persian text.

Alg-H = Refik Algan (translator), with Camille Helminski, "Rumi's Sun: The Teachings of Shams of Tabriz," 2008. Contains 434 pages of selected translations from Mehmet Nuri Gencosman's Turkish translation of the Maqâlât (based on the Persian text by Khushnavis and comparisons with two manuscripts at the Mevlana Museum in Konya, Turkey). C. Helminski did her best (neither reading Turkish nor Persian) to improve the clarity of Algan's English translation. The first 25 or so pages were, presumably, improved by scholars of Persian literature, since these pages conform nicely to Movahhed's text. Occasionally, differences of translations are due to differences between Persian texts used.

Maleki = Farida Maleki (translator), "Shams-e Tabrizi: Rumi's Perfect Teacher," 2011, published in New Delhi, India (Science of the Soul Research Centre [= Radha Soami Satsang Beas]). Contains 248 pages of selected translations from Movahhed's edition of the Persian text, plus 69 pages of introductory explanations, endnotes, and a glossary.

The concordance allows one to make comparisons between the translations in cases where there are two or more translations of the same passages. For example:

"I commanded you to do something. Why didn't you do it?" He said, "I already told you my excuse." He said, "I was not satisfied with that excuse. I was being hypocritical. On the inside I wanted you to do exactly as I said, so that you would be delivered from suffering. If I do not deliver you from suffering in this world--such that your insides become happy, opened up, and full of tasting--it will be too late to help you in the next world. Everyone there will be totally helpless before his own beard."

--translation from page 151 of Movahhed's Persian edition by Chittick

"I gave an order, why didn't you do it?" I asked you. He told me, "I've given you my excuse." "I didn't accept that excuse," I said. I acted hypocritically. A voice within me was saying, "If you had done the things that I told you, you would have been saved from pain." Well, if we had saved you from grief in this universe, you would be pleased; but how can we help you go joyfully to the other universe? There everybody is left with his own pain at the door.

--translation of Gencosman's Turkish translation by Algan, with C. Helminski

In the above case, the Persian text of Khushnavis' Persian edition (pp. 68-69) is identical to that of Movahhed's edition (p. 151). Differences of the next to last sentence may be the result of the intermediate translation into Turkish and/or the process of translating from Turkish into English. This sentence begins with the negative tense, which is absent in the Algan translation: "If we [= I] do not save you" [chû mâ to-râ. . . khalâS na-kon-êm]. The translation differences of the last sentence appear to be errors on the part of Gencosman: "There everybody is left with his own pain at the door" --correctly translated: "Everyone there will be totally helpless ["dar mânda," which does not mean "left at the door"] before his own beard [here, "rîsh" means "beard," a metaphor for vanity, not "rêsh," "wound"--spelled the same way]. Türkmen stated (p. 14) about Gencosman's translation: "The translation though not accurate..."

The above points are confirmed by a third translation (less literal than Chittick's): "I ordered you to do something. Why did you not do it? He answered, 'I gave you my excuse.' I answered, 'I was not satisfied with that excuse.' I acted hypocritically. In my inner state, I wanted you to do as I said, so you would be free from pain and suffering. If we do not save you from pain in this world, how can we help you in the other world, where everyone is helplessly involved in solving his own problem?"
--translation from page 151 of Movahhed's Persian edition by Maleki



Maq.69: Chitt, p. 94: If you pass; Türk, p. 15: When we pass; Alg-H, p. 1: If you pass; Makeki, p. 61: If you remove
Maq.69: Chitt, p. 290: A mirror has; Alg-H, p. 3: Even if you
Maq.72: Chitt, p. 56: All right, those;
Maq.72: Lewis, p. 180: They felt jealous;
Maq.72: Türk, p. 73: During a Sema; Alg-H, p. 7: In the people
Maq.73: Chitt, p. 277: The men of;
Maq.74: Lewis, p. 163: The person who; Chitt, p. 189: Mawlana has good; Türk, p. 28: Rumi has a; Türk, p. 28: One who enters; Alg-H, p. 8 (Maq.73): Someone said, "Mevlana
Maq.74: Alg-H, p. 9: The sign of
Maq.74: Chitt, p. 250: Our companions warm; Türk, p. 76: Our friends enjoy; Alg-H, p. 9: Some of our; Maleki, p. 77: Our friends [disciples] became
Maq.75: Chitt, p. 69: The prophets all; Alg-H, p. 10: All the prophets; Maleki, p. 125: All prophets have
Maq.75: Chitt, p. 46: Whoever is more; Alg-H, p. 10: The more learned
Maq.76: Chitt, p. 238: When I am; Alg-H, p. 354: "The one who
Maq.76: Chitt, p. 47: The preacher preaches; Türk, p. 23: A priest [SIC: preacher] preaches; Alg-H, p. 12: A preacher preaches
Maq.77: Chitt, p. 4: In the time; Türk, p. 28: When I was; Alg-H, p. 13: During my childhood
Maq.77: Chitt, p. 280: Yes, one group; Türk, p. 73 (Maq.78): Sema is right; Alg-H, p. 14: Yes, one group
Maq.78: Alg-H, p. 14: If the prayer
Maq.79: Lewis, p. 164: Mowlana has a; Chitt, p. 117 (Maq.78): Forgetfulness is of; Türk, p. 76: The first forgetfulness; Alg-H, p. 15: Forgetfulness is of
Maq.79: Chitt, p. 270: All of you;
Maq.80: Chitt, p. 115: The viceregent said; Türk, p. 73: What is the; Alg-H, p. 15: A shaikh told; Alg-H, p. 16: What does a
Maq.81: Maleki, p. 126: Whenever your sheikh's
Maq.81: Chitt, p. 250: You can answer; Alg-H, p. 16: You are saying
Maq.82: Lewis, p. 202: I have no; Türk, p. 28: I have no;
Maq.82: Chitt, p. 186: I have nothing;
Maq.82: Chitt, p. 22: Shihab Hariwa;
Maq.82: Lewis, p. 153: The sweetness of faith; Chitt, p. 286: I said, "The;
Maq.83: Chitt, p. 139: In the Koran;
Maq.83: Chitt, p. 230: If he's going; Alg-H, p. 17: If a person
Maq.83: Chitt, p. 63: It is not; Türk, p. 18 (Maq.84): If anyone wraps; Alg-H, p. 17: It is not; Maleki, p. 137: If a precious
Maq.84: Maleki, p. 138: Feeling the soul's
Maq.84: Makeki, p. 62: Imagine a man
Maq.84: Chitt, p. 233: Before Ibrahim Adham; Türk, p. 16: Edhem generously gave; Alg-H, p. 18: Before he gave
Maq.85: Chitt, p. 86: Until you give; Türk, p. 51: What is the; Alg-H, p. 20: What is the; Makeki, p. 62: Unless you give
Maq.86: Türk, p. 77: As once Muhammad; Alg-H, p. 86: A philosopher; Maleki, p. 138: When a philosopher explains
Maq.87: Lewis, p. 201: If you have; Chitt, p. 66 (Maq.86): Those who pretend;
Maq.87: Chitt, p. 98: The vizier said; Alg-H, p. 22: Sultan Mahmud of
Maq.89: Alg-H, p. 25: One day your
Maq.89: Chitt, p. 233: Seeking God as; Türk, p. 15: When your wholeness; Alg-H, p. 25: So, you set; Maleki, p. 78: One wants to seek
Maq.90: Chitt, p. 128: What harm reaches;
Maq.90: Chitt, p. 139: Whatever has been;
Maq.90: Lewis, p. 201: A good man; Chitt, p. 85: There may be; Türk, p. 51: A lover of God; Alg-H, p. 26: Sometimes a person
Maq.91: Maleki, p. 78: The letter you
Maq.91: Chitt, p. 231: Since you left; Alg-H, p. 28: Ever since I; Alg-H, p. 29: I wouldn't trade; Makeki, p. 63: One becomes awestruck
Maq.92: Maleki, p. 139: When a lover
Maq.92: Chitt, p. 122: Someone said, "Those; Alg-H, p. 30: In a gathering; Maleki, p. 139: I said to
Maq.93: Türk, p. 28: A loving eye;
Maq.93: Maleki, p. 140: God's devotee did
Maq.93: Chitt, p. 290: I'll not put; Türk, p. 24: If a vengeful; Alg-H, p. 31: I won't let
Maq.93: Chitt, p. 229: We've turned out;
Maq.94: Alg-H, p. 32: Now, if you
Maq.94: Chitt, p. 284: The great ones; Alg-H, p. 33: Those great and
Maq.95: Türk, p. 78: If you can; Alg-H, p. 34: Someone said, "O; Maleki, p. 79: Look at your
Maq.96: Chitt, p. 31: Shaykh Muhammad said; Alg-H, p. 35: The Lord of; Maleki, p. 140: A sheikh said
Maq.97: Chitt, p. 102: O sincere seeker; Alg-H, p. 37: O truthful seeker; Makeki, p. 64: O sincere seeker
Maq.97: Chitt, p. 193: By God, those;
Maq.98: Alg-H, p. 38: So maybe I
Maq.98: Chitt, p. 292: The accusation of; Alg-H, p. 38: As soon as
Maq.98: Makeki, p. 64: If a man
Maq.99: Chitt, p. 91: When a minstrel's; Alg-H, p. 39: An "alif" leapt; Maleki, p. 79: A minstrel not; Maleki, p. 141: An Alef came
Maq.99: Lewis, p. 164: Well, how could; Lewis, p. 154: I can talk to; Chitt, p. 228: I can speak; Alg-H, p. 40: I can speak
Maq.100: Chitt, p. 266: They said, "Mawlana; Alg-H, p. 41: Desire won't take
Maq.101: Chitt, p. 257: My advice to; Türk, p. 17 (Maq.102): It is said;
Maq.102: Alg-H, p. 42: Those heedless people; Maleki, p. 142: While walking, someone
Maq.102: Alg-H, p. 42: Lend God a
Maq.103: Türk, p. 17: Two scholars were; Alg-H, p. 43: Two scholars were; Maleki, p. 142: Two gnostics were
Maq.104: Alg-H, p. 44: The words of
Maq.104: Alg-H, p. 45: If they serve
Maq.104: Lewis, p. 165: He has two; Lewis, p. 166: By God, I; Chitt, p. 226 (Maq.103): Two gnostics were; Türk, p. 24 (Maq.105): One should look; Alg-H, p. 45: He has two
Maq.105: Alg-H, p. 45: Harun ar-Rashid said
Maq.105: Chitt, p. 237: A man full of; Türk, p. 28: Someone came and; Alg-H, p. 46: Someone full of
Maq.106: Chitt, p. 190: He said: The; Alg-H, p. 46: The really brave
Maq.106: Chitt, p. 109: Some go backwards; Alg-H, p. 47: In order to; Maleki, p. 143: When some intend
Maq.107: Chitt, p. 183: He says, "If; Alg-H, p. 48: He was saying
Maq.107: Chitt, p. 123: Whenever something good; Alg-H, p. 48: In the city; Maleki, p. 79: When someone speaks
Maq.108: Alg-H, p. 48: There are some; Maleki, p. 111: There are those
Maq.108: ; Maleki, p. 111: If you persist
Maq.108: Chitt, p. 259: In my view; Türk, p. 51: A man, who; Alg-H, p. 49: In my view; Alg-H, p. 49: To some people; Alg-H, p. 49: A mule asked
Maq.109: Chitt, p. 183: With that great;
Maq.109: Chitt, p. 281: Being the companion; Alg-H, p. 50: The companionship of
Maq.110: Chitt, p. 181: There is the;
Maq.110: Alg-H, p. 51: I remembered that
Maq.110: Chitt, p. 25: For example, there's; Alg-H, p. 51 (Maq.111): Now we'll speak
Maq.111: Alg-H, p. 52: What prevents people; Maleki, p. 65: The reason some
Maq.112: Maleki, p. 126: There is a
Maq.113: Chitt, p. 181: This tale has; Alg-H, p. 53 (Maq.114): One has to; Alg-H, p. 53: There was a
Maq.114: Maleki, p. 80: One must prepare
Maq.115: Alg-H, p. 54: Certainly, when one
Maq.115: Lewis, p. 165: Shall I speak; Chitt, p. 218: Should I be; Türk, p. 29: Rumi is a; Alg-H, p. 54: This Mevlana is
Maq.115: Chitt, p. 191: Which arrow is; Alg-H, p. 54: Which arrow is; Maleki, p. 143: What is the arrow
Maq.116: Chitt, p. 261: Are you busy; Alg-H, p. 55: What is the; Maleki, p. 144: Are you busy
Maq.117: Maleki, p. 119: "God trades with
Maq.117: Chitt, p. 143: After all, they;
Maq.118: Lewis, p. 181: When I was; Chitt, p. 24: It has been;
Maq.119: Chitt, p. 4: I never let;
Maq.119: Lewis, p. 158: Lovers know what; Chitt, p. 73: The lover alone; Maleki, p. 144: A lover's state
Maq.120: Türk, p. 29: God has rewarded; Alg-H, p. 56: If you are
Maq.121: Lewis, p. 201: My character is; Türk, p. 29: I have such a; Alg-H, p. 56: Whoever curses me
Maq.121: Chitt, p. 214: There are many; Alg-H, p. 57: Within myself
Maq.122: Chitt, p. 122: "A little bit;
Maq.123: Chitt, p. 145: Something like this; Türk, p. 66: This is the; Alg-H, p. 58: The details about
Maq.124: Chitt, p. 235: The rule is; Alg-H, p. 59: This is the; Alg-H, p. 60: You need to
Maq.125: Chitt, p. 159: Give an interpretation; Alg-H, p. 61: When someone is
Maq.125: Chitt, p. 112: This world is; Alg-H, p. 61: This world is; Maleki, p. 126: This world feels
Maq.126: Chitt, p. 262: The Mu'tazilites say; Alg-H, p. 62: Someone asked a; Alg-H, p. 63: The best of; Maleki, p. 80: This is not; Maleki, p. 81: If you give
Maq.127: Chitt, p. 180: Beyond these outward; Türk, p. 52: It is a; Alg-H, p. 63: In addition to
Maq.127: Chitt, p. 48: I said to; Alg-H, p. 64: Maybe a blasphemer; Alg-H, p. 64: Your difficulties; Maleki, p. 81: I told you
Maq.128: Türk, p. 52: If it were;
Maq.128: Maleki, p. 144: With all the effort
Maq.128: Chitt, p. 124: You have obstacles; Alg-H, p. 65: Money is the; Maleki, p. 82: You have obstacles
Maq.129: Chitt, p. 121: The trial of;
Maq.129: Chitt, p. 205: Mawlana's attributes are;
Maq.130: Chitt, p. 163: Buhlul threw a;
Maq.130: Chitt, p. 111: In a day; Alg-H, p. 65: The angels and; Alg-H, p. 66: Those who say
Maq.131: Chitt, p. 50: Speech is for; Alg-H, p. 67: Now, words are; Maleki, p. 145: Now words and
Maq.131: Chitt, p. 99: Ablution upon ablution; Maleki, p. 82: When their inner
Maq.132: Türk, p. 30: Rumi is a; Alg-H, p. 68: If such a
Maq.132: Türk, p. 91: The smallest speck
Maq.132: Chitt, p. 260: Let's tell jokes; Alg-H, p. 68: If such a
Maq.133: Alg-H, p. 69: Now, someone has
Maq.133: Maleki, p. 126: Know that, in
Maq.133: Lewis, p. 153: Everyone talks of; Chitt, p. 197: Everyone talks about; Alg-H, p. 70: Know that the
Maq.134: Chitt, p. 41: Someone said to;
Maq.134: Chitt, p. 295: A mouse took; Türk, p. 101: A mouse caught; Alg-H, p. 300: A mouse grabbed
Maq.136: Chitt, p. 52: Blessing is with; Alg-H, p. 70: Now, one doesn't; Alg-H, p. 71: Let's say someone; Alg-H, p. 72: There is an
Maq.138: Chitt, p. 286: Some are given;
Maq.138: Chitt, p. 194: When I recite; Alg-H, p. 73: When I recite
Maq.139: Chitt, p. 214: In short, let; Türk, p. 12: These people are; Türk, p. 75: Let me tell you; Alg-H, p. 73: Let me tell; Maleki, p. 83: Truly, I will
Maq.139: Chitt, p. 223: If you accept; Alg-H, p. 74: If you accept
Maq.140: Chitt, p. 78: The Prophet, upon; Alg-H, p. 74: Your intention; Maleki, p. 84: A certain group
Maq.140: Chitt, p. 15: I was staying; Türk, p. 30: I was sitting; Alg-H, p. 75: I was in
Maq.141: Alg-H, p. 76: You want a
Maq.141: Chitt, p. 54: Muhammad Guyani is; Alg-H, p. 76 (Maq.142): Good news and
Maq.142: Lewis, p. 166: I speak well; Chitt, p. 187: I speak beautifully;
Maq.142: Chitt, p. 100: There was a;
Maq.143: Alg-H, p. 76: The value of; Maleki, p. 65: Rumi said, "A human
Maq.143: Chitt, p. 236: You say, "Show; Alg-H, p. 77; Someone said, "I; Alg-H, p. 77: They say: "Openness
Maq.144: Chitt, p. 120: With all this; Alg-H, p. 78: In addition to
Maq.145: Alg-H, p. 79; They say, "If; Maleki, p. 145: When a veil
Maq.146: Chitt, p. 217: The son of Ala;
Maq.146: Chitt, p. 118: These leaders also; Türk, p. 146: These imams do; Alg-H, p. 80: The seeker of; Maleki, p. 84: These religious leaders
Maq.147: Alg-H, p. 80: One has to; Maleki, p. 146: When grapes are
Maq.147: Chitt, p. 164: [I have a moment with God] in which neither; Alg-H, p. 81: Revelations used to
Maq.148: Chitt, p. 105: When he falls; Alg-H, p. 81: If a person; Maleki, p. 85: When someone falls
Maq.148: Chitt, p. 189: My existence is; Alg-H, p. 82: My being works; Alg-H [Maq.149], p. 82: God has servants
Maq.149: ; Maleki, p. 85: Some decide on
Maq.149: Alg-H, p. 83: I cannot see
Maq.150: Chitt, p. 231: Whoever becomes my; Alg-H, p. 83: Whoever becomes our; Maleki, p. 86: Give to charity
Maq.150: Chitt, p. 244: When the shaykh; Alg-H, p. 84: What the shaikh does; Maleki, p. 147: Thee sheikh's command
Maq.151: Chitt, p. 297: He was criticizing; Alg-H, p. 85: While the shaikh; Alg-H, p. 85: A farmer was; Alg-H [Maq.152], p. 86: Today if these; Alg-H [Maq.152], p. 86: When you see
Maq.153: Chitt, p. 108: I was speaking; Türk, p. 105: There is a; Alg-H, p. 86: I was speaking; Alg-H, p. 87: This is just
Maq.154: Alg-H, p. 88: If someone is; Maleki, p. 148: Words of advice
Maq.155: Chitt, p. 289: The difference between; Türk, p. 105: Abu Bekir Rubabi; Alg-H, p. 88: Now there is
Maq.155: Maleki, p. 127: Two dervishes meet
Maq.156: Chitt, p. 294: Those who flee; Alg-H, p. 89: Someone who runs
Maq.157: Chitt, p. ?
Maq.157: Maleki, p. 66: When human beings can
Maq.157: Chitt, p. 255: A preacher was; Türk, p. 106: A Muslim preacher
Maq.158: Lewis, p. 201: Those sacrificial ones;
Maq.158: Chitt, p. 166: A Sufi, a; Alg-H, p. 90: A Sufi, a
Maq.159: Alg-H, p. 91: It's just as; Maleki, p. 148: Those who sacrifice
Maq.160: Chitt, p. 92: As long as; Alg-H, p. 92: When a castle; Maleki, p. 148: When a fortress
Maq.160: Chitt, p. 96: Speaking before a; Alg-H, p. 97: To speak in
Maq.161: Maleki, p. 128: Not all lovers
Maq.161: Lewis, p. 200: All the corruption; Chitt, p. 57: Every corruption that; Alg-H, p. 94: Every degeneration in; Maleki, p. 86: Whatever corruption occurs
Maq.162: Lewis, p. 202: The claim of; Chitt, p. 88: The path is; Alg-H, p. 95: I keep running; Alg-H, p. 95: The creation of; Maleki, p. 148: the path runs
Maq.163: Chitt, p. 110: He asked, "Is; ; Maleki, p. 86: Someone asked, "Is
Maq.163: Lewis, p. 182: It would be; Chitt, p. 304: Be impartial so; Alg-H, p. 96: It's easier to; Alg-H, p. 96: If you can
Maq.164: Chitt, p. 96: You said that; Alg-H, p. 96: Of the things
Maq.165: Alg-H, p. 97: A peasant was
Maq.166: Chitt, p. 17: Everyone was talking; Alg-H, p. 99: They were discussing
Maq.167: Chitt, p. 162: They asked, "What; Alg-H, p. 100: They asked me
Maq.168: Chitt, p. 32: The reality of; Alg-H, p. 101: They said, "Because
Maq.168: Chitt, p. 303: What can be;
Maq.169: Chitt, p. 252: A Muslim falls; Alg-H, p. 102: A Muslim gave
Maq.170: Alg-H, p. 103: The sheikh was; Alg-H, p. 103: He said, "A
Maq.171: Alg-H, p. 104: He said, "The
Maq.171: Alg-H, p. 104: Those who undergo
Maq.171: Alg-H, p. 105: If you depart
Maq.172: Chitt, p. 152: There are people; Alg-H, p. 105: There are people; Maleki, p. 149: One group speaks
Maq.173: Chitt, p. 169: He said, "The; Alg-H, p. 106: The meaning of; Alg-H, p. 107 [Maq.104]: I told him; Maleki, p. 128: Shams said: the meaning
Maq.175: Chitt, p. 92: The dreams of; Alg-H, p. 108: The sleep of; Alg-H, p. 108: Someone asked, "How; Maleki, p. 119: Someone asked, "How
Maq.175: Chitt, p. 230: When a dervish; Türk, p. 107: A man brought; Alg-H, p. 109: When the dervish; Alg-H, p. 109: A man had brought
Maq.176: Chitt, p. 60: Someone went to; Alg-H, p. 110: In the city
Maq.178: Lewis, p. 21: By God, to God; Lewis, p, 143: Your preoccupation should; Chitt, p. 50: Three particles are; Alg-H, p. 113: In Arabic, three; Maleki, p. 87: Why do you
Maq.178: Alg-H, p. 113: To talk about
Maq.179: Maleki, p. 87: Backbiting is among
Maq.179: Chitt, p. 198: Abu Najib--God sanctify; Alg-H, p. 114: Abu Najib (May
Maq.179: Alg-H, p. 115: A man died
Maq.179: Alg-H, p. 308: Where can we
Maq.180: Chitt, p. 114: There was a; Türk, p. 73: There was Sema; Alg-H, p. 115: One day, at
Maq.180: Chitt, p. 39: Intellect takes you; ; Maleki, p. 149: Intellect goes as
Maq.180: Chitt, p. 230: Someone said to; Alg-H, p. 116: A man said
Maq.181: Chitt, p. 264: You must seize; Alg-H, p. 116: I give advice; Maleki, p. 150: If you cling
Maq.182: Chitt, p. 160: There is no; Alg-H, p. 117: There is no
Maq.182: Chitt, p. 133: Come, tell me; Alg-H, p. 118: Now, come and
Maq.183: Chitt, p. 282: What grief do; Alg-H, p. 119: God Most High
Maq.184: Chitt, p. 152: Above the Koran; Alg-H, p. 119: There is nothing
Maq.185: Chitt, p. 134: This is why;
Maq.185: Chitt, p. 47: I should have; Maleki, p. 105: I should talk
Maq.185: Chitt, p. 160: Captain wind came; Türk, p. 20: It is said; Alg-H, p. 316: God has not
Maq.186: Lewis, p. 163: Whatever problem the; Chitt, p. 193: If everyone in; Türk, p. 42: The populated one-fourth; Alg-H, p. 316: A quarter of
Maq.187: Chitt, p. 274: In order to; Alg-H, p. 317: Yesterday, I brought
Maq.187: Chitt, p. 112: The Messenger of; Alg-H, p. 317: The Blessed Prophet
Maq.188: Chitt, p. 252: I said to; Alg-H, p. 318: I have said
Maq.188: Chitt, p. 42: First tell me; Alg-H, p. 318: First, what is; Maleki, p. 120: First, tell me
Maq.188: Chitt, p. 219: "O people, pass; Alg-H, p. 319: "O people! Go
Maq.189: Chitt, p. 163: God's Messenger said; Alg-H, p. 319: For me the; Maleki, p. 120: God's messenger [Mohamad] said
Maq.189: Chitt, p. 196: Their clothing in; Alg-H, p. 319: There silk will
Maq.189: Alg-H, p. 320: When you know
Maq.190: Chitt, p. 49: There were seven; Alg-H, p. 321: There were seven
Maq.191: Chitt, p. 248: Today Shaykh Hamid; Alg-H, p. 322: One day Shaikh
Maq.192: Chitt, p. 26: A group of; Türk, p. 92: Some philosophers give; Alg-H, p. 323: One group of; Alg-H, p. 324: Let's say; Maleki, p. 106: Some philosophers say
Maq.194: Chitt, p. 144: They said, "For; Alg-H, p. 324: Bayazid Bistami (may
Maq.194: Alg-H, p. 325: It's possible that
Maq.195: Lewis, p. 201: Joy is like; Alg-H, p. 326: A sheep sees; Maleki, p. 150: He has forsaken
Maq.195: Chitt, p. 90: What the child; Alg-H, p. 326: What the human; Maleki, p. 151: May God be
Maq.196: Chitt, p. 5: There was a; Türk, p. 46: There was a; Alg-H, p. 327: There was a
Maq.196: Chitt, p. 70: What the other;
Maq.197: Chitt, p. 167: "The effort of; Alg-H, p. 328: Even if you
Maq.198: Chitt, p. 285: Did you see;
Maq.198: Alg-H, p. 329: Moses (may the
Maq.199: Maleki, p. 66: When you have
Maq.199: Chitt, p. 293: When you see; Alg-H, p. 329: Even when you see; Maleki, p. 87: When you see; Maleki, p. 87: There are good
Maq.200: Chitt, p. 270: One dirhem in; Türk, p. 88: One coin you; Alg-H, p. 330: One small coin; Maleki, p. 88: To give one
Maq.200: Chitt, p. 136: The companion, then; Türk, p. 88: There is a; Alg-H, p. 330: First the friend; Maleki, p. 66: Everything in existence
Maq.200: Alg-H, p. 330: What a Beloved
Maq.201: Alg-H, p. 331: When you wash
Maq.202: Chitt, p. 45: Know that studying; Alg-H, p. 331: I am speaking; Maleki, p. 151: Know also that
Maq.202: Chitt, p. 247: In confirmation of; Alg-H, p. 332: Yesterday, someone came
Maq.203: Chitt, p. 137: Glory be to; Türk, p. 88: Praise is to; Alg-H, p. 333: Praise be to; Alg-H, p. 333: Glory be to; Alg-H, p. 333: The whole universe; Maleki, p. 67: Praised be God
Maq.203: Alg-H, p. 333: From her face
Maq.204: Chitt, p. 21: Someone was weeping; Türk, p. 89: Someone was crying; Türk, p. 82: Once the preacher; Alg-H, p. 334: Someone was weeping; Alg-H, p. 337: Shamsuddin Khujandi was
Maq.204: Alg-H, p. 338: There is no; Maleki, p. 102: There is no
Maq.205: Chitt, p. 87: "You should hold; Alg-H, p. 335: Don't neglect to; Alg-H, p. 335: A dervish was
Maq.205: Chitt, p. 127: Two people are; Alg-H, p. 336: If two people
Maq.205: ; Maleki, p. 88: Some [mystics] don't mind
Maq.206: Chitt, p. 102: Bind yourself to; Maleki, p. 88: You should be
Maq.206: Chitt, p. 154: Humam is indeed; Alg-H, p. 336: He is a
Maq.207: Chitt, p. 101: You shall see;
Maq.207: Alg-H, p. 338: They call that
Maq.207: Chitt, p. 58: If you must; Alg-H, p. 338 (Maq.208): The one who
Maq.208: Chitt, p. 79: An hour's meditation; Türk, p. 90: One hour's contemplation; Alg-H, p. 338: To meditate for; Maleki, p. 152: "One hour of
Maq.209: Chitt, p. 241: I have a; Alg-H, p. 339: I think positively
Maq.209: Chitt, p. 71: A poor man; Alg-H, p. 339: A poor man
Maq.209: Chitt, p. 7: There was a; Türk, p. 49: There was a; Alg-H, p. 340: In our gathering
Maq.210: Chitt, p. 105: When the water;
Maq.210: Chitt, p. 87: The fault was; Türk, p. 90: It is not
Maq.211: Maleki, p. 89: He is a
Maq.211: Chitt, p. 280: Sometimes I'll pass; Alg-H, p. 340: If the friends
Maq.212: Chitt, p. 136: You will see; Alg-H, p. 341: See all within; Maleki, p. 68: You will see
Maq.213: Chitt, p. 110: All those birds; Türk, p. 102: All birds set; Alg-H, p. 341: All of those
Maq.213: Chitt, p. 58: They say that; Alg-H, p. 342: It is said
Maq.214: Chitt, p. 114: They said, "You; Türk, p. 74: Somebody said to; Alg-H, p. 343: Someone said: "You've
Maq.214: Chitt, p. 172: One day I; Alg-H, p. 343: One day I
Maq.215: Chitt, p. 265: Crowing belongs to; Alg-H, p. 343: Crowing is the
Maq.216: Chitt, p. 142: Alms in secret; Türk, p. 103: Bayazid of Bistam; Alg-H, p. 343: The giving of
Maq.217: Chitt, p. 72: These are Awhadian; Alg-H, p. 344: Imaginings like Awhad's
Maq.217: Alg-H, p. 345: The common people
Maq.217: Chitt, p. 34: Wishing for this;
Maq.218: Maleki, p. 150: I said, "The
Maq.218: Chitt, p. 197: When someone is; Alg-H, p. 346: One who has
Maq.218: Chitt, p. 90: Know that there; Alg-H, p. 346: Know! There is; Maleki, p. 68: "Know that there
Maq.219: Chitt, p. 173: From the lash; Alg-H, p. 346: Umar (may God
Maq.219: Lewis, p. 154: Whomever I love; Chitt, p. 281: Whenever I love; Alg-H, p. 347: Whomever I love
Maq.219: Lewis, p. 154: I wanted someone; Chitt, p. 219: I wanted someone; Alg-H, p. 348: I wanted someone;
Maq.221: Lewis, p. 145: I separated from; Lewis, p. 200: Blessing is excess; Chitt, p. 89 (Maq.220): This is separation; Alg-H, p. 348: I separated from; Maleki, p. 152: This separation: I
Maq.221: Lewis, p. 200: What is the;
Maq.221: Chitt, p. 17: The reason I;
Maq.221: Lewis, p. 164: I did not behave; Chitt, p. 216: What's it to; Türk, p. 83: Why should you; Maleki, p. 68: What business is
Maq.222: Chitt, p. 14: He said, "There; Alg-H, p. 350: He said, "There
Maq.222: Chitt, p. 206: Arshad the Sufi; Türk, p. 47: A mature Sufi; Alg-H, p. 353: That Sufi Arshad; That Sufi was
Maq.223: Chitt, p. 125: I arrived among; Türk, p. 41: Rumi was lost; Alg-H, p. 351: I arrived in; Maleki, p. 154: Lo, what heedless
Maq.224: Maleki, p. 155: A hundred times
Maq.224: Alg-H, p. 352: The followers of; Maleki, p. 154: You say Mohammad
Maq.224: Chitt, p. 192: I mean, don't; Alg-H, p. 352: Don't you know
Maq.225: Chitt, p. 28: Because of the; Türk, p. 63: Shahabeddin sometimes would; Alg-H, p. 352: From the exuberance Maq.225: Alg-H, p. 353: Now I don't
Maq.226: Chitt, p. 237: In my view; Chitt, p. 234: He said, "Come; Türk, p. 42: In our presence; Türk, p. 42: I don't have; Alg-H, p. 234: In front of; Alg-H, p. 234: He said, "Come; Maleki, p. 69: A disciple of
Maq.227: Chitt, p. 46: O servant of; Alg-H, p. 354: O you who
Maq.227: Chitt, p. 128: The vision of
Maq.227: Chitt, p. 82: So-and-so was saying; Alg-H, p. 355: He said, "We; Maleki, p. 129: A beggar who
Maq.228: Maleki, p. 155: In the beginning
Maq.229: Chitt, p. 142: When Abu Yazid; Türk, p. 91: Whenever Bayazid set; When Bayazid was
Maq.230: Chitt, p. 109: They said to; Alg-H, p. 357: An attribute, a station
Maq.231: Chitt, p. 97: Become estranged from; Alg-H, p. 357: Little by little; Maleki, p. 89: Little by little
Maq.231: Chitt, p. 64: Avicenna was half; Alg-H, p. 358: Ibn Sina is; Maleki, p. 155: He claims he
Maq.231: Chitt, p. 225: When I was; Alg-H, p. 358: When I was
Maq.233: Maleki, p. 155: Nothing will burn
Maq.233: Chitt, p. 248: I'm still not; Alg-H, p. 360: I don't have; Alg-H, p. 360: I came, because; Alg-H, p. 360 (Maq.234): Even if I go; Alg-H, p. 361 (Maq.234): Someone asked another; Maleki, p. 155: We are still not
Maq.234: Chitt, p. 217: You cannot preach; Türk, p. 92: Whatever difficulties you; Alg-H, p. 361: It's not appropriate; Maleki, p. 156: One cannot give
Maq.234: Chitt, p. 282: If they gave;
Maq.235: Maleki, p. 154: Someone is cutting
Maq.235: Chitt, p. 102: It wasn't out; Alg-H, p. 362: If help didn't
Maq.235: Chitt, p. 199: Let's go out; Türk, p. 47: Let's go out; Alg-H, p. 362: Let's go out
Maq.235: Türk, p. 92: A man was; Alg-H, p. 361: A man was
Maq.236: Chitt, p. 5: Inside me, there's; Alg-H, p. 363: There is good
Maq.236: Chitt, p. 97: I wonder what; Alg-H, p. 363: A pious one said; Maleki, p. 120: How strange! What
Maq.237: Chitt, p. 125: Galen admitted only;
Maq.237: Alg-H, p. 364: The Prophet Job; And so, what
Maq.238: Chitt, p. 162: But those who; Alg-H, p. 365: God Most High
Maq.239: Maleki, p. 129: "Converse with people
Maq.239: Chitt, p. 31: Shaykh Muhammad would; Türk, p. 69: During his conversation; Alg-H, p. 364: The Prophet said
Maq.240: Chitt, p. 212: Whenever Muhammad was; Alg-H, p. 366: They used to
Maq.241: Lewis, p. 145: But is this; Chitt, p. 17: Despite the degree; Türk, p. 47: One day I;
Maq.241: Chitt, p. 43: Of all the; Alg-H, p. 367: O the dead; Maleki, p. 130: Out of all
Maq.241: Chitt, p. 242: He said, "I; Maleki, p. 89: He says, "I
Maq.242: Chitt, p. 274: In short, I; Alg-H, p. 368: I am occupied with
Maq.243: Chitt, p. 271: A shaykh in; Alg-H, p. 368: In Baghdad, a
Maq.244: Alg-H, p. 370: There are friends
Maq.245: Chitt, p. 86: He said, "The; Maleki, p. 120: All the great
Maq.246: Türk, p. 103: A king had; Alg-H, p. 371: A sultan had
Maq.247: Maleki, p. 120: Sorrow transforms to
Maq.247: Türk, p. 35: I saw a;
Maq.248: Maleki, p. 69: While you are
Maq.248: Chitt, p. 191: Moses, with all; Alg-H, p. 373: The Prophet Moses
Maq.248: Türk, p. 36: How nice was;
Maq.249: Lewis, p. 143: At first I; Chitt, p. 41: At first I; Alg-H, p. 373: At first, I
Maq.249: Maleki, p. 107: When the exalted
Maq.249: Chitt, p. 93: The meaning of; Maleki, p. 130: When [a perfect adept is] speaking to
Maq.250: Alg-H, p. 374: Adorn yourselves with
Maq.251: Maleki, p. 112: When the lover
Maq.251: Türk, p. 101: There was a; Alg-H, p. 375: For years, a
Maq.252: Chitt, p. 283: If a stranger; Alg-H, p. 375: If a stranger
Maq.252: Alg-H, p. 376: I wish infinite
Maq.253: Chitt, p. 153: Someone was seeking; Türk, p. 98: There was a; Alg-H, p. 377: A young man was Maq.253: Alg-H, p. 378: If you hadn't
Maq.255: Alg-H, p. 379: the devil is
Maq.255: Alg-H, p. 380: The wind blew
Maq.255: Alg-H, p. 380: They have evaluated
Maq.256: Alg-H, p. 381: O heart! Go
Maq.257: Chitt, p. 159: The All-merciful; Türk, p. 19: God is the; Alg-H, p. 381: One who interprets; Maleki, p. 90: "God sits on; Maleki, p. 90: You can find
Maq.258: Alg-H, p. 382: In court, the
Maq.258: Alg-H, p. 382: Zeyneddin Sadaka said; Maleki, p. 156: If you miss
Maq.258: Chitt, p. 90: There is no; Alg-H, p. 382: La illaha illallah; Maleki, p. 157: It is said
Maq.259: Maleki, p. 158: Foretelling the future
Maq.259: Chitt, p. 138: They told the; Türk, p. 48: There are some; Alg-H, p. 383: Someone said to
Maq.260: Alg-H, p. 384: O Darling! Just
Maq.260: Maleki, p. 158: In order to
Maq.261: Alg-H, p. 384: Happiness belongs to
Maq.262: Chitt, p. 93: He who knows his soul; Alg-H, p. 385: The one who knows
Maq.262: Türk, p. 21: A mad man; Alg-H, p. 385: Why didn't God
Maq.262: Alg-H, p. 385: Keep to the
Maq.262: Alg-H, p. 386: Your beauty is
Maq.263: Chitt, p. 273: They came and; Alg-H, p. 386: A shaikh said
Maq.263: Chitt, p. 168: One day some; Alg-H, p. 387: One day, some; Maleki, p. 159: This body is
Maq.264: Chitt, p. 141: Abu Yazid--God's; Türk, p. 58: Bayazid was in; Alg-H, p. 388: Abu Yazid was
Maq.265: Chitt, p. 144: Children were pointing; Türk, p. 66: Once, children pointed; Alg-H, p. 388: The children were
Maq.265: Chitt, p. 128: A disciple entered;
Maq.266: Türk, p. 36: Soon shall you; Alg-H, p. 389: Happy is the; Maleki, p. 90: Lucky is he; Maleki, p. 159: When the dust
Maq.266: Chitt, p. 255: The house of; Alg-H, p. 389: A bald person; Maleki, p. 69: This house of
Maq.266: Alg-H, p. 389: "O My God; Maleki, p. 90: He says, "O
Maq.267: Chitt, p. 116: Whoever lives as;
Maq.267: Chitt, p. 126: God says, "Neither; Maleki, p. 130: Neither my sky
Maq.267: Chitt, p. 249: I was not; Türk, p. 36: I saw all the; Maleki, p. 90: I am closer
Maq.268: Chitt, p. 69: Whenever someone has; Maleki, p. 91: The prophets and
Maq.268: Chitt, p. 7: I saw that; Alg-H, p. 390: I have seen
Maq.268: Chitt, p. 285: The reason for; Alg-H, p. 391: My purpose in
Maq.269: Chitt, p. 128: He came, "Oh; Alg-H, p. 391: Someone came and
Maq.269: Türk, p. 36: I have nothing;
Maq.270: Chitt, p. 119: A treatise of; Türk, p. 94 (Maq.271): The poems were; Alg-H, p. 392: The book of
Maq.271: Alg-H, p. 392: I wish people
Maq.271: Chitt, p. 26: Shihab Hariwa in;
Maq.272: Chitt, p. 156: They said, "Make; Türk, p. 99: They told me
Maq.272: Chitt, p. 260: The mule said;
Maq.273: Chitt, p. 211: They say that; Alg-H, p. 392: A master of
Maq.272: Chitt, p. 109: Someone became a; Türk, p. 94: A person had; Alg-H, p. 392: Somebody was
Maq.273: Chitt, p. 239: The point of;
Maq.273: Chitt, p. 280: I am not;
Maq.273: Alg-H, p. 393: Things that are
Maq.274: Chitt, p. 273: When you oppose; Maleki, p. 91: Opposing the sheikh
Maq.275: Chitt, p. 28: Those dogs used; Türk, p. 49: Those dogs call; Alg-H, p. 393: Those dogs were
Maq.275: Chitt, p. 287: Grasp what I; Türk, p. 49: Their words are;
Maq.275: Türk, p. 43: I was rather;
Maq.275: Alg-H, p. 393: Things that are
Maq.276: Maleki, p. 159: God says, "O
Maq.276: Chitt, p. 140: Uways Qarani--God be; Türk, p, 67: Uways al-Qirani could; Alg-H, p. 393: Uways al-Qarani, may
Maq.278: Chitt, p. 13: A group of; Türk, p. 44: A group of; Alg-H, p. 395: A group of Sufis; Maleki, p. 159: Many seekers reach
Maq.279: Chitt, p. 293: I gazed on; Alg-H, p. 397: I saw someone there
Maq.280: Chitt, p. 87: A group of; Türk, p. 68: A full exposure; Alg-H, p. 398: The Spirit hadn't
Maq.280: Chitt, p. 90: Someone said, "God;
Maq.280: Chitt, p. 71: Poverty is my; Alg-H, p. 398: The one who said
Maq.281: Chitt, p. 72: There's a fakir; Türk, p. 24: The Prophet Muhammad; Alg-H, p. 399: Muhammad said, "I
Maq.281: Chitt, p. 161: What, did you; Alg-H, p. 399: Did you then
Maq.281: Maleki, p. 107: Outside, someone is
Maq.282: Chitt, p. 77: How is it; Alg-H, p. 399: Why did the; Maleki, p. 160: Consider the meaning
Maq.283: Chitt, p. 16: He was complaining; Alg-H, p. 401: Somebody was complaining
Maq.283: Chitt, p. 127: One must not; Türk, p. 96: One should not; Alg-H, p. 402: One should not; Maleki, p. 161: One must dwell
Maq.284: Chitt, p. 113: God's speaking-companion;
Maq.284: Chitt, p. 211: Sometimes in Mawlana's;
Maq.284: Türk, p. 96: The Prophet David; Alg-H, p. 402 (Maq.284): David asked God
Maq.285: If you see
Maq.285: Chitt, p. 149: Look at his; Alg-H, p. 402: Even if the
Maq.286: Chitt, p. 22: Khujandi says. "I'm; Alg-H, p. 403: Khujandi says, "I; Alg-H, p. 404: Why aren't you
Maq.287: Chitt, p. 267: At first, God's Messenger; Alg-H, p. 404: In the early
Maq.288: Lewis, p. 58: What gall Fakhr-e Razi; Chitt, p. 66: What gall Fakhr-i Razi;
Maq.288: Alg-H, p. 405: Just say, "Hajjaj
Maq.288: Chitt, p. 239: If it's unbelief; Alg-H, p. 406: If it is
Maq.289: Alg-H, p. 406: I saw myself in
Maq.290: Lewis, p. 161: I don't mix; Chitt, p. 184: I hardly mix; Alg-H, p. 290: Let's say that
Maq.290: Chitt, p. 288: Look at him;
Maq.291: Chitt, p. 9: I was teaching;
Maq.294: Lewis, p. 152: Owhad al-Din told me; Chitt, p. 34: God has servants; Türk, p. 70: There are God's; Alg-H, p. 407: Shaikh Awhaduddin Kirmani
Maq.294: Lewis, p. 148: One day Asad; Chitt, p. 156: One day Asad; Türk, p. 70: One day Asad;
Maq.295: Chitt, p. 334: That son of;
Maq.295: Chitt, p. 220: Whatever the speakers; Alg-H, p. 407: The scholars of
Maq.296: Chitt, p. 64: Shihab Suhrawardi, called; Türk, p. 63: Shahabeddin, whom they; Alg-H, p. 408: Alg-H, p. 408 (Maq.297): That Shihabuddin's knowledge
Maq.297: Maleki, p. 107: Having desire for
Maq.298: Lewis, p. 325: I like pagans; Chitt, p. 242: I like unbelievers; Alg-H, p. 408 (Maq.297): A traveler was
Maq.299: Lewis, p. 150: As Shaykh Mohammad; Chitt, p. 33: In the same;
Maq.299: Chitt, p. 84: What are those; Alg-H, p. 409: What is with; Maleki, p. 69: What are those
Maq.300: Chitt, p. 218: When I saw; Alg-H, p. 409: I saw you; Alg-H, p. 410: He said, "Some
Maq.301: Chitt, p. 132: In his poetry; Türk, p. 60: No one ever; Maleki, p. 70: The believer is not
Maq.302: Lewis, p. 325: Let's go out; Chitt, p. 199: Let's go for; Türk, p. 49: For a short; Alg-H, p. 412: For a moment
Maq.302: Chitt, p. 263: He was complaining; Alg-H, p. 412: He kept complaining
Maq.302: Chitt, p. 200: God has servants;
Maq.302: Türk, p. 90: Someone requested me; Alg-H, p. 413: Someone comes and; Maleki, p. 91: Someone said, "Teach
Maq.303: Chitt, p. 246: This talk of; Chitt, p. 267: When I'm joyful; Türk 41: When Rumi gets; Alg-H, p. 413: What Mevlana says
Maq.303: Chitt, p. 71: It is God; Türk, p. 22: All created beings; Alg-H, p. 413: A person who is; Maleki, p. 121: Only God is
Maq.303: Chitt, p. 263: That one came; Alg-H, p. 414: Someone came, "Excuse; Maleki, p. 91 : He said, "Forgive
Maq.304: Lewis, p. 150: Many times Shaykh; Chitt, p. 33: Many times Shaykh; Türk, p. 69: From time to time; Alg-H, p. 415: Shaikh Muhammad would
Maq.305: Chitt, p. 244: He said, "That's; Alg-H, p. 415: He said, "Such; Maleki, p. 92: He asked, "When
Maq.305: Alg-H, p. 416: I said, "For
Maq.306: Chitt, p. 287: You have to; Alg-H, p. 416: One should get; Alg-H, p. 417: So, welcome this
Maq.307: Chitt, p. 42: Intellect's legs; Alg-H, p. 417: The legs of intellect; Maleki, p. 161: An Alef was
Maq.307: Alg-H, p. 418: O you who
Maq.308: Chitt, p. 95: The ocean of; Türk, p. 23: God's ocean of; Alg-H, p. 419: The waves of
Maq.309: Alg-H, p. 420: Satan says, 'The
Maq.309: Chitt, p. 283: If this Christian; Alg-H, p. 420: Even if this; Maleki, p. 93: If this heathen
Maq.309: Chitt, p. 93: He who knows his soul knows; Alg-H, p. 421: He said, "The; Maleki, p. 108: He who knows
Maq.310: Alg-H, p. 421: I was embarrassed
Maq.310: Chitt, p. 40: A king had; Alg-H, p. 422: A sultan had Maq.311: Alg-H, p. 422: When happiness becomes
Maq.312: Maleki, p. 108: A Sufi said, "One
Maq.312: Chitt, p. 125: Someone was complaining; Türk, p. 94: Someone was complaining; Alg-H, p. 424: Someone was complaining; Maleki, p. 93: Someone was complaining
Maq.313: Chitt, p. 39: This world is; Alg-H, p. 424: This world is; Maleki, p. 108: The world is
Maq.313: Chitt, p. 39: Intellect is a; Alg-H, p. 425: Intellect is a; Maleki, p. 161: Wisdom is a
Maq.314: Türk, p. 95: Man should look
Maq.314: Maleki, p. 93: For God's sake
Maq.314: Chitt, p. 123: Whenever anyone tells; Türk, p. 95 (Maq.315): If someone says; Alg-H, p. 232: Someone asked: "Who; Alg-H, p. 233; Maleki, p. 162: When that man
Maq.315: Whoever says to; Maleki, p. 94: If someone says
Maq.315: Chitt, p. 272: O master, the; Alg-H, p. 234: Master, this house; Maleki, p. 94: O sir, thid
Maq.316: Alg-H, p. 234: Now, enemies, you
Maq.316: Alg-H, p. 235: Those who bear
Maq.316: Chitt, p. 103: One day a; Alg-H, p. 426: One day a; Alg-H, p. 426: Even as the; Maleki, p. 131: One day that
Maq.317: Chitt, p. 276: Before the promise; Alg-H, p. 426: I am happy
Maq.317: Lewis, p. 201: I am amazed; Chitt, p. 195: I wonder at; Türk, p. 45: Those words of; Alg-H, p. 427: The saying of
Maq.318: Alg-H, p. 428: You should understand
Maq.318: Chitt, p. 169: When someone eats; Maleki, p. 162: "He who eats
Maq.319: Chitt, p. 271: When someone calls; Türk, p. 32: I like the;
Maq.319: Chitt, p. 157: What has he; Alg-H, p. 236: There have been; Alg-H, p. 428: What is the
Maq.320: Chitt, p. 146: Ahmad Ghazali--God's mercy; Türk, p. 59: Ahmed Gazali and; Alg-H, p. 237: May God's compassion
Maq.321: Chitt, p. 201: I was talking; Alg-H, p. 238: "Satan is a
Maq.322: Alg-H, p. 238: Yes, there are
Maq.322: Alg-H, p. 239: One has to; Maleki, p. 70: The human being
Maq.323: Chitt, p. 147: Ahmad Ghazali was; Türk, p. 58: Ahmed Gazali wasn't; Alg-H, p. 240: Some people don't
Maq.325: Chitt, p. 275: Today, for example; Alg-H, p. 241: One day Mevlana
Maq.326: Alg-H, p. 241: Reflect on what
Maq.326: Lewis, p. 143: Someone asked my; Chitt, p. 269: In the same; Alg-H, p. 242: They ask us; Alg-H, p. 242: Whatever I order

Maq.331: Alg-H, p. 3: They say that
Maq.337: Maleki, p. 132: What is it
Maq.338: Chitt, p. 30: The philosopher becomes;
Maq.338: Maleki, p. 163: Who is a
Maq.339: Chitt, p. 27: The silly philosopher;
Maq.340: Chitt, p. 303: The Koran is;
Maq.340: Chitt, p. 9: I taught that;
Maq.343: Chitt, p. 8: Yes, how well;
Maq.347: Chitt, p. 194: Yesterday, I was;
Maq.349: Chitt, p. 55: Someone was beating;
Maq.351: Alg-H, p. 411: Nobody could reach
Maq.353: Lewis, p. 141: We would have; Chitt, p. 229: We should travel; Alg-H, p. 315: I'll go as
Maq.360: Maleki, p. 132: For some, this
Maq.361: Lewis, p. 162: at times his;
Maq.362: Alg-H, p. 315: Sleepily they asked
Maq.364: Alg-H, p. 335: They say that
Maq.368: Chitt, p. 338: Shaykh Muhammad was;
Maq.375: Alg-H, p. 362: Somebody asked me
Maq.377: Alg-H, p. 364: In order to
Maq.378: Alg-H, p. 364: In Isfahan they
Maq.381: Türk, p. 99: Some verses, however
Maq.381: Alg-H, p. 377: I complained about
Maq.381: Alg-H, p. 379: Now, only those
Maq.381: Alg-H, p. 392: I speak, but
Maq.382: Maleki, p. 132: Hey! Hey! My
Maq.382: Türk, p. 49: God embraces me;
Maq.382: Alg-H, p. 393: God advises His
Maq.383: Alg-H, p. 403: A saint doesn't
Maq.385: Türk, p. 64: To strengthen his;
Maq.385: Alg-H, p. 234: Let me leave
Maq.385: Alg-H, p. 408: If you see God [sic: If you see (Mawlana)]
Maq.414: Maleki, p. 132: I am riding with

Maq.607: Chitt, p. 116: Islam and faith; ; Maleki, p. 94: To be Muslim
Maq.607: Chitt, p. 20: It is incumbent; Alg-H, p. 244: Islam is in
Maq.608: Chitt, p. 20: Someone objected to; Alg-H, p. 246: Someone was opposing
Maq.608: Chitt, p. 51: The differentiation and; Alg-H, p. 246: Now, the difference; Maleki, p. 163: When you see
Maq.608: Chitt, p. 121: How can the; Alg-H, p. 246: How can you; Maleki, p. 95: How can one
Maq.609: Chitt, p. 241: Friendship is that; ; Maleki, p. 96: Friendship is like
Maq.610: Chitt, p. 273: I had a; Maleki, p. 96: I had hoped
Maq.610: Lewis, p. 201: I was not;
Maq.610: Chitt, p. 196: The heart is; Alg-H, p. 247: The heart is
Maq.610: Chitt, p. 195: I have never; Alg-H, p. 247: None of the
Maq.610: Maleki, p. 97: One should not
Maq.611: Maleki, p. 133: The Friend has
Maq.611: Chitt, p. 251: A tribesman in; Alg-H, p. 248: There was a
Maq.612: Alg-H, p. 249: One of those
Maq.612: Chitt, p. 76: He said, That is not [SIC: The obedience and practice]; Türk, p. 26: The prophet Muhammad; Alg-H, p. 249: The worship and; Maleki, p. 163: The Prophet Mohammad's
Maq.613: Chitt, p. 247: Most of these; Türk, p. 53: A large number; Alg-H, p. 250: Many shaikhs are the
Maq.613: Chitt, p. 128: [The station of Abraham:] and he who enters; Alg-H, p. 251: He who enters; Alg-H, p. 429: Have they not; Maleki, p. 164: Outside the heart's
Maq.614: Chitt, p. 251: He said, "Living;
Maq.615: Chitt, p. 7: I had a;
Maq.615: Chitt, p. 278: Most of God's elect; Türk, p. 53: There are some; Alg-H, p. 429: There are certain; Maleki, p. 164: Most of God's
Maq.616: Chitt, p. 172: A severe and; Türk, p. 93: If you knew
Maq.617: Chitt, p. 150: That learned man; Alg-H, p. 431: That great man
Maq.617: Türk, p. 47: When I was;
Maq.618: Lewis, p. 161: I was strongly; Chitt, p. 185: The other day; Alg-H, p. 434: Now, when I
Maq.619: Alg-H, p. 251: They tell me
Maq.619: Alg-H, p. 253: Those people who
Maq.620: Türk, p. 46: I say that; Alg-H, p. 253: O Master! People
Maq.620: Alg-H, p. 253: Go out through
Maq.621: Chitt, p. 298: A king was;
Maq.621: Lewis, p. 200: There is no; Chitt, p. 155: The companions never; Alg-H, p. 256: Some people recite; The companions of
Maq.622: Chitt, p. 284: They're all in; Alg-H, p. 257: Everybody is in
Maq.622: Chitt, p. 245: Tomorrow I have; Türk, p. 46: Tomorrow you have; Alg-H, p. 257: We have to
Maq.622: Chitt, p. 187: I was sent; Alg-H, p. 263: If two friends; Maleki, p. 97: God sent me
Maq.623: Lewis, p. 201: The dancing of; Chitt, p. 114: The dance of; Türk, p. 53: A saint's movements; Alg-H, p. 263: The dance of
Maq.623: Chitt, p. 197: God's in my; Alg-H, p. 264: The Truth is
Maq.623: Alg-H, p. 265: Don't buy a
Maq.624: Chitt, p. 104: He who follows;
Maq.624: Chitt, p. 97: I'm burning up; Türk, p. 54: The ocean of; Alg-H, p. 266: I am burning; Maleki, p. 165: He says, "I
Maq.624: Alg-H, p. 267: Some people journeyed
Maq.625: Türk, p. 54: Try not to;
Maq.625: Alg-H, p. 267: A jug is
Maq.625: Lewis, p. 141: I fault my; Chitt, p. 5: The fault is;
Maq.626: Alg-H, p. 628: With loving caresses
Maq.626: Alg-H, p. 628: O breeze of
Maq.626: Chitt, p. 15: Someone was saying;
Maq.627: Alg-H, p. 269: During the time; Yes, the invitation
Maq.627: Chitt, p. 198: My heart is;
Maq.628: Chitt, p. 186: The goal of; Türk, p. 41: The aim of; Alg-H, p. 269: Someone who plants
Maq.628: Chitt, p. 241: There's the story; Alg-H, p. 270 (Maq.629): Some people invited
Maq.629: Chitt, p. 246: I don't need; Türk, p. 41: You need no; Alg-H, p. 270: O Exalted Master
Maq.629: Maleki, p. 97: That sheikh was
Maq.629: Chitt, p. 114: The tambour-player;
Maq.630: Chitt, p. 299: Sultan Mahmud became; Türk, p. 85: When Sultan Mahmud; Alg-H, p. 270: Sultan Mahmoud (of
Maq.634: Chitt, p. 155: We shall show; Türk, p. 97: God says in; Alg-H, p. 274: We will show
Maq.635: Chitt, p. 23: Concerning God, Shihab;
Maq.636: Chitt, p. 43: Let the days; Maleki, p. 166: Time is blessed
Maq.637: Alg-H, p. 275: A blasphemer speaks; Maleki, p. 97: If you go
Maq.637: Alg-H, p. 275: There is no
Maq.638: Chitt, p. 80: Were it not;
Maq.638: Türk, p. 50: There was a; "Life is but
Maq.638: Chitt, p. 216: If the Men;
Maq.639: Maleki, p. 166: What will you
Maq.639: Alg-H, p. 276: They called someone
Maq.639: Chitt, p. 172: Adam was forgetful; Alg-H, p. 277: The Prophet Adam
Maq.640: Chitt, p. 68: If a tailor; Alg-H, p. 277: If a tailor; Maleki, p. 166: If you spend
Maq.640: Chitt, p. 267: O ass, O ass; Türk, p. 78: O you rash; Alg-H, p. 278: O bad tempered; Maleki, p. 71: A true Man
Maq.641: Lewis, p. 141: There are people; Chitt, p. 265: It was his;
Maq.641: Chitt, p. 23: This Hariwa was;
Maq.641: Chitt, p. 66: Who is Sayf Zangani;
Maq.641: Chitt, p. 94: There's not much;
Maq.642: Chitt, p. 137: Someone said to; Maleki, p. 166: When a Sufu
Maq.642: Chitt, p. 70: The food of; Alg-H, p. 279: "One person's food
Maq.643: Chitt, p. 87: Rabi'a said, "I; Türk, p. 62: Rabiya once said; Alg-H, p. 280: Rabia al-Adawiyye said
Maq.643: Maleki, p. 167: This is a
Maq.643: Alg-H, p. 280: I wanted to
Maq.644: Alg-H, p. 281: This is how
Maq.644: Chitt, p. 119: Now, grapes have; Alg-H, p. 281: There is a; Alg-H, p. 282: At first fish
Maq.645: Maleki, p. 133: I see Amin al-Din
Maq.645: Chitt, p. 79: He said, "Have; Alg-H, p. 282: Someone came to; Alg-H, p. 283: There is no; Maleki, p. 167: To follow Mohammad
Maq.645: Bahaeddin had seen; Alg-H, p. 283: In his dream
Maq.646: Chitt, p. 224: The Muhammadan is; Maleki, p. 133: One group prays
Maq.646: Türk, p. 71: I wish to; ; Maleki, p. 133: In the alley
Maq.646: Chitt, p. 63: Of what sort;
Maq.647: Chitt, p. 207: The devil was; Türk, p. 50: Some people believe; Maleki, p. 167: Someone asked if
Maq.647: Chitt, p. 143: So, this is; Türk, p. 58: Bayazid saw his;
Maq.647: Maleki, p. 168: Once you become
Maq.648: Lewis, p. 200: "God is great"; Chitt, p. 93 (Maq.647): When you saw; Türk, p. 19 (Maq.647): When somebody says; Alg-H, p. 285: If you want; Maleki, p. 168: They say all
Maq.648: Chitt, p. 42: Then, they say; Alg-H, p. 286: Then they say
Maq.648: Chitt, p. 207: At another time; Türk, p. 50: Rumi has no;
Maq.649: Chitt, p. 64: Muhammad Ghazali--God's mercy; Türk, p. 61: Muhammad Gazali once;
Maq.649: Chitt, p. 115: Once, in the; Türk, p. 74: Once during Sema;
Maq.650: Chitt, p. 136: What no eye; Alg-H, p. 286: The hearts of; Maleki, p. 168: To see without
Maq.650: Chitt, p. 221: It occurred to; Alg-H, p. 286: It came to
Maq.650: Alg-H, p. 287: Keep the dervish's
Maq.651: Maleki, p. 98: The world is
Maq.651: Chitt, p. 95: Seek someone lovely; Türk, p. 87: Go and search; Alg-H, p. 287: Look for one; Maleki, p. 98: Where is freedom
Maq.651: Chitt, p. 161: Surely the squanderers;
Maq.652: Chitt, p. 51: A Jew, a; Türk, p. 89: A Jew, Christian; Alg-H, p. 289: A Jew, a
Maq.653: Chitt, p. 83: O you who; Türk, p. 94: It is ordered; Alg-H, p. 289: Being religious is
Maq.654: Türk, p. 90: It is a
Maq.654: Alg-H, p. 290: During the day; Maleki, p. 168: Did you sleep
Maq.655: Lewis, p. 200: Allahu akbar means; Chitt, p. 92: God is greater; Türk, p. 19: "God is Great"; Alg-H, p. 291: You are saying; Maleki, p. 121: "God is great
Maq.655: Chitt, p. 258: Oh, all the; Alg-H, p. 291: O Beloved, the
Maq.655: Alg-H, p. 292: Remember God has
Maq.656: Alg-H, p. 292: If you are; Maleki, p. 98: If you are
Maq.656: Alg-H, p. 293: A man was
Maq.656: Alg-H, p. 293: For whom has
Maq.657: Chitt, p. 158: The All-merciful;
Maq.657: Chitt, p. 82: The one who; Alg-H, p. 294: The one who
Maq.657: Chitt, p. 134: Recognizing this tribe; Türk, p. 83: To understand these; Alg-H, p. 294: When I saw
Maq.657: Chitt, p. 23: Shihab in Damascus; Türk, p. 65: Shahabeddin taught in; Türk, p. 62: People went to; Alg-H, p. 295: In Damascus, Shihab
Maq.658: Chitt, p. 65: Fakhr-i Razi was; Türk, p. 65: Fahreddin was a; Alg-H, p. 296: Fakhruddin-i Razi was
Maq.659: Chitt, p. 42: When everything becomes; Alg-H, p. 297: When alif is
Maq.659: Chitt, p. 273: Now, be fair;
Maq.660: Chitt, p. 187: It's the sun;
Maq.661: Lewis, p. 163: Do you not; Chitt, p. 276 (Maq.660): But those who;
Maq.661: Maleki, p. 169: Talk uttered by
Maq.662: Alg-H, p. 298: Even if they; Your sleep is; Maleki, p. 169: Truly, as long
Maq.662: Chitt, p. 243: Whenever a new; Alg-H, p. 300: Up until the; Alg-H, p. 298 (Maq.663): We must be; Maleki, p. 122: Yes, even though
Maq.663: Chitt, p. 81: Sayings are quoted;
Maq.664: Chitt, p. 165: Someone sewed a;
Maq.664: Türk, p. 99: God says in; Alg-H, p. 298: There are noble
Maq.664: Maleki, p. 169: . . . but in that
Maq.664: Alg-H, p. 299: There was a
Maq.664: Maleki, p. 170: I came and
Maq.665: Lewis, p. 164: Union with you; Chitt, p. 187: Joining with you;
Maq.665: Alg-H, p. 301: There isn't just
Maq.666: Chitt, p. 200: First measure the; Alg-H, p. 302: We have made
Maq.666: Maleki, p. 112: You said to
Maq.666: Chitt, p. 59: A deaf man;
Maq.667: Chitt, p. 162: What is the;
Maq.667: Chitt, p. 154: Ibn Mas'ud--God be; Türk, p. 98: Ibn Mesud narrates
Maq.668: Chitt, p. 46: At the time; Türk, p. 62: Senai murmured some; Maleki, p. 170: At the time
Maq.668: Chitt, p. 268: It's best that; Alg-H, p. 302: The best work
Maq.668: Chitt, p. 95: A dervish should; Alg-H, p. 302: and that which suits
Maq.669: Chitt, p. 44: There is the; Alg-H, p. 303: Sa'id Mussayyib was
Maq.671: Maleki, p. 171: I explained clearly
Maq.672: Alg-H, p. 305: It is not
Maq.673: Maleki, p. 171: Poor man; he
Maq.673: Türk, p. 51: Any one who;
Maq.674: Chitt, p. 59: They are imitators; Türk, p. 21(Maq.827/674): They are imitators;
Maq.676: Chitt, p. 41: After all, I; Türk, p. 46: Once I was; Alg-H, p. 306: Every moment, from
Maq.676: Chitt, p. 47: Although these meanings; Türk, p. 91: If this knowledge; Alg-H, p. 308: If these meanings
Maq.676: Chitt, p. 127: The son-in-law of; Alg-H, p. 309: These words are; Maleki, p. 72: "Speech like Jalâl
Maq.677: Alg-H, p. 309: He is worth
Maq.677: Chitt, p. 6: When I was; Alg-H, p. 310: I was only
Maq.678: Chitt, p. 43: O you who; Türk, p. 91: O you who; Alg-H, p. 311: O brave one; Maleki, p. 112: O you, who
Maq.678: Chitt, p. 305: He replied, "Yes;
Maq.679: Chitt, p. 280: You've seen only; Alg-H, p. 311: If you are
Maq.679: Chitt, p. 76: He said, "our debate [= He said, "That is not]; Alg-H, p. 312: The seeker said
Maq.680: Türk, p. 82: How can adversities; Maleki, p. 99: Suffering makes a
Maq.680: Alg-H, p. 313: While one city
Maq.680: Alg-H, p. 314: Someone who doesn't; Maleki, p. 113: Is Molânâ here
Maq.681: Chitt, p. 192: When something needs;
Maq.681: Maleki, p. 73: Some are writers
Maq.683: Alg-H, p. 120: A person binds
Maq.683: Alg-H, p. 120: My wish is
Maq.684: Alg-H, p. 121: Whoever has become
Maq.684: Chitt, p. 53: The interpretation of; Alg-H, p. 121: Joseph was a
Maq.684: Lewis, p. 165: The prophets rue; Chitt, p. 209: The prophets long;
Maq.685: Lewis, p. 155: The first thing; Alg-H, p. 121: When it comes
Maq.685: Chitt, p. 107: They asked someone; Alg-H, p. 122: A disciple needs; Maleki, p. 113: When a disciple was
Maq.686: Lewis, p. 163: I need it; Alg-H, p. 123: What is appropriate
Maq.686: Alg-H, p. 123: They tell a
Maq.687: Chitt, p. 325: There were dervishes;
Maq.687: Lewis, p. 201: Though they may; Chitt, p. 54: Although they have; Maleki, p. 172: Although they possesss
Maq.687: Türk, p. 75: Don't bear the; Alg-H, p. 124: There isn't a; Maleki, p. 173: When you lose
Maq.688: Chitt, p. 165: Keep yourself new; Alg-H, p. 124: Always keep yourself
Maq.688: Alg-H, p. 125: What use does
Maq.689: Alg-H, p. 125: I don't have
Maq.689: Alg-H, p. 126: More and more
Maq.690: Lewis, p. 157: He said, "We; Chitt, p. 84: He said, "We; Alg-H, p. 126: Someone said, "I; Maleki, p. 173: A disciple said
Maq.690: Lewis, p. 161: The outward aspects; Chitt, p. 184: The forms are; Alg-H, p. 127: For sixteen years; Maleki, p. 71: The form or
Maq.690: Chitt, p. 126: Nothing kills the; Alg-H, p. 127: No other sight; Maleki, p. 173: Nothing can kill
Maq.691: Chitt, p. 70: A king holds; Alg-H, p. 127: If the light; Maleki, p. 133: The king does not
Maq.691: Chitt, p. 202: Let's take the; Türk, p. 30 (Maq.692): My soul was; Maq.692: Türk, p. 75: And after some; Alg-H, p. 128: There is no
Maq.692: Maleki, p. 134: If, at any
Maq.692: Chitt, p. 284: All of them;
Maq.693: Chitt, p. 194: He said, "Saying; Türk, p. 81: Believers need a; Alg-H, p. 128: He says, "O
Maq.693: Chitt, p. 164: I have a moment. This; Alg-H, p. 129: I have such
Maq.693: Alg-H, p. 129: Smiles and laughter
Maq.694: Alg-H, p. 130: Learn how to
Maq.694: Chitt, p. 162: He found thee; Alg-H, p. 130: In the seventh
Maq.694: Türk, p. 24: God has many;
Maq.695: Alg-H, p. 131: Muhammad asked Gabriel
Maq.695: Chitt, p. 214: He said, "What; Maleki, p. 174: He said, "That
Maq.696: Chitt, p. 80: He said, "He; Alg-H, p. 132: He said, "God; Maleki, p. 99: The Prophet Muhammad
Maq.697: Chitt, p. 24: The resurrection will; Alg-H, p. 133: Is the Resurrection
Maq.697: Chitt, p. 28: Shihab was a;
Maq.697: Chitt, p. 231: If an Anatolian; If a heathen
Maq.697: Chitt, p. 29: Shaykh Muhammad used to laugh; Alg-H, p. 135: Shaikh Muhammad was
Maq.698: Chitt, p. 152: If he keeps; Türk, p. 97: There are Muhammad's; Alg-H, p. 136: It is said
Maq.699: Alg-H, p. 136: Winter is an
Maq.699: Alg-H, p. 137: In this endeavor
Maq.700: Chitt, p. 116: Drunkenness is of; Türk, p. 80: The first stage is; Alg-H, p. 161: It is very; Maleki, p. 175: The drunkenness of
Maq.700: Chitt, p. 117: As for the; Türk, p. 81: As for divine; Alg-H, p. 162: As for the
Maq.701: Chitt, p. 123: When he speaks; Alg-H, p. 163: When someone speaks; Maleki, p. 122: When he swears
Maq.701: Chitt, p. 164: [I have a moment with God] in which neither; Alg-H, p. 163: In the hadith
Maq.701: Chitt, p. 240: The one who's; Alg-H, p. 163: A human being
Maq.702: Alg-H, p. 164: One day Abu
Maq.702: Chitt, p. 4: I came into; Alg-H, p. 164: I have come
Maq.702: Türk, p. 57: Say that God;
Maq.702: Chitt, p. 246: Seeking the ruler; Alg-H, p. 165: There is no
Maq.703: Chitt, p. 3: Some of the; Türk, p. 81: Some think it; Alg-H, p. 166: Some philosophers say
Maq.704: Chitt, p. 180: Now there's no; Türk, p. 26: There is no; Alg-H, p. 167: There is no; The knowledge of
Maq.705: Alg-H, p. 168: Even the Blessed; Maleki, p. 73: Some reached the
Maq.706: Chitt, p. 225: Iblis has spent;
Maq.706: Chitt, p. 113: Forty days doesn't; Alg-H, p. 169: The blessed Prophet
Maq.706: Alg-H, p. 169: What is this?
Maq.708: Alg-H, p. 171: A person in
Maq.708: Alg-H, p. 171: I asked, "What
Maq.709: Türk, p. 78: It is said
Maq.709: Alg-H, p. 172: We were in
Maq.709: Alg-H, p. 172: Another story they
Maq.710: Maleki, p. 73: The value of
Maq.710: Chitt, p. 264: Mawlana was saying; Alg-H, p. 175: Mevlana said, "I
Maq.710: Chitt, p. 238: The words of Mawlana; Türk, p. 37: Greater attention is; Alg-H, p. 174: A form may; Maleki, p. 175: It was a
Maq.711: Chitt, p. 62: The easiest of; Alg-H, p. 175: The easiest of
Maq.712: Chitt, p. 208: You have so; Alg-H, p. 176: If a sick; Alg-H, p. 176: You are speaking; Maleki, p. 74: When you have
Maq.713: Chitt, p. 196: Paradise is created; Türk, p. 78: Let me tell; Alg-H, p. 176: Let me tell; Maleki, p. 176: There exists a
Maq.713: Chitt, p. 126: Whenever you see; Alg-H, p. 177: Whomever you see; Maleki, p. 99: When you see
Maq.714: Türk, p. 75: A man said; Alg-H, p. 177: You are saying; Maleki, p. 114: He said, "O
Maq.714: Alg-H, p. 178: In order to
Maq.715: Maleki, p. 177: They delayed
Maq.715: Maleki, p. 100: To repeat the
Maq.715: Türk, p. 27: Of course five; Alg-H, p. 178: Yes, five times; Maleki, p. 100: Yes, go and
Maq.716: Chitt, p. 103: If you enter; Alg-H, p. 179: Can this wisdom; Maleki, p. 177: Come into the
Maq.716: Chitt, p. 68: A single one; Alg-H, p. 179: A single one; Maleki, p. 114: A devotee among
Maq.717: Alg-H, p. 180: In every prophet
Maq.717: Alg-H, p. 181: Without a doubt
Maq.718: Alg-H, p. 181: My nafs shows
Maq.718: Chitt, p. 137: He came to; Türk, p. 76: The learned think; Alg-H, p. 182: According to the; Maleki, p. 74: He is veiled
Maq.719: Since you, Emâd
Maq.720: Lewis, p. 165: The sun faces; Türk, p. 37: You can be; Alg-H, p. 137: The sun enlightens
Maq.721: Chitt, p. 203: There was an; Alg-H, p. 138: An ascetic lived
Maq.721: Alg-H, p. 140: A dervish went; Alg-H, p. 141 [Maq.722]: O Sultan! Even
Maq.722: Alg-H, p. 142: Don't complain, "God; Maleki, p. 114: God's jealousy was
Maq.723: Lewis, p. 159: Abayazid could not; Alg-H, p. 142: Bayazid couldn't have; Türk, p. 30: I swear, no; Alg-H, p. 143: For God's sake
Maq.724: Türk, p. 31: People like Rumi;
Maq.724: Alg-H, p. 143: All these things
Maq.724: Alg-H, p. 144: Ali has said
Maq.725: Alg-H, p. 144: There is no
Maq.725: Alg-H, p. 145: When you're sitting
Maq.725: Alg-H, p. 145: Listen to Surah
Maq.726: Alg-H, p. 146: Imagine a sheet; Maleki, p. 115: Imagine a page
Maq.726: Alg-H, p. 146: This way is; Maleki, p. 109: This pathway is
Maq.726: Alg-H, p. 147: I swear that
Maq.727: Chitt, p. 134: The servants who; Türk, p. 25: Those over whom; Alg-H, p. 149: Those who have; Maleki, p. 178: Divine knowledge rests
Maq.728: Alg-H, p. 149: The universe of
Maq.728: Alg-H, p. 151: Even though there
Maq.728: Lewis, p. 201: If Bayazid knew
Maq.729: Chitt, p. 240: Mawlana doesn't let; Alg-H, p. 152: Mevlana doesn't allow
Maq.730: Lewis, p. 163: In my presence; Chitt, p. 209: Right now in; Türk, p. 37: Presently, there is; Alg-H, p. 154: As for Mevlana
Maq.731: Alg-H, p. 154: In anyone's opinion
Maq.731:Alg-H, p. 155: Abu Bakr used; Maleki, p. 101: You let go
Maq.731: Alg-H, p. 155: Only those who
Maq.731: Chitt, p. 269: I don't want; Türk, p. 37: I have no; Alg-H, p. 155: When it comes; Maleki, p. 178: I want nothing
Maq.732: Chitt, p. 128: It is as; Alg-H, p. 156: It is as
Maq.732: Chitt, p. 192: I said explicitly; Türk, p. 31: I said to then; Alg-H, p. 156: I have openly
Maq.732: Chitt, p. 129: Now, concerning the; Türk, p. 25: There are many; Alg-H, p. 157: Thousands of useless
Maq.734: Türk, p. 31: I have not;
Maq.734: Chitt, p. 69: God indeed has; Türk, p. 21: God has His; Türk, p. 31: I asked myself; Alg-H, p. 158: God has a
Maq.734: Alg-H, p. 158: Muhammad said, "O
Maq.734: Alg-H, p. 158: I said, "What
Maq.735: Alg-H, p. 159: One of the; One who has; Maleki, p. 115: Among God's names
Maq.736: Alg-H, p. 160: I had mentioned
Maq.736: Chitt, p. 265: He says, "The; Türk, p. 80: Someone says that; Alg-H, p. 161: He says, "Why; Maleki, p. 134: He says that
Maq.737: Türk, p. 32: Everybody knows that; Alg-H, p. 183: Everyone in the; Maleki, p. 179: The inanimate experiences
Maq.737: Chitt, p. 131:The world of; Maleki, p. 109: God's world is
Maq.738: Alg-H, p. 184: Where is the; Maleki, p. 179: Where is the
Maq.738: Lewis, p. 157: How can I; Chitt, p. 83: How should I; Alg-H, p. 184: How can one
Maq.739: Türk, p. 34: Anyone who happens;
Maq.739: Lewis, p. 201: What's a shaykh; Chitt, p. 105: What is the; Alg-H, p. 185: What is a; Maleki, p. 74: What is a
Maq.739: Chitt, p. 188: Two people entrusted; Alg-H, p. 185: One who sees us
Maq.740: Lewis, p. 201: This creed of; Chitt, p. 63 (Maq.739): The school of; Alg-H, p. 185 (Maq.739): The sect of
Maq.740: Chitt, p. 277: He keeps on;
Maq.740: Lewis, p. 142: It was said; Chitt, p. 6: The discussion was; Türk, p. 34: Every four days; Alg-H, p. 186: Every four days
Maq.741: Lewis, p. 158: They say that; Chitt, p. 82: They report that; Alg-H, p. 186: Muhammad (May the
Maq.741: Chitt, p. 88: If you seek; Türk, p. 82: If you are; Maleki, p. 180: If you seek
Maq.741: Lewis, p. 142: My father didn't;
Maq.742: Chitt, p. 3: Beyond the world; Alg-H, p. 187: Beyond this world; Maleki, p. 180: Beyond the world
Maq.742: Alg-H, p. 187: There is a
Maq.742: Chitt, p. 80: There's a king; Türk, p. 34: Sometimes Rumi and I miss; Alg-H, p. 188: Although sometimes Mevlana
Maq.743: Chitt, p. 239: Remember this advice; Alg-H, p. 189: First of all
Maq.744: Chitt, p. 16: Look at this;
Maq.744: Chitt, p. 53: I asked two; Alg-H, p. 190: In order to
Maq.745: Chitt, p. 104: When this person; Alg-H, p. 190: What is the; Maleki, p. 181: When someone says
Maq.745: Chitt, p. 199: We were quaffing; Alg-H, p. 191: We drank and; Maleki, p. 181: I kept drinking
Maq.746: Mevlana's words are
Maq.747: Alg-H, p. 193: They say: "One
Maq.748: Alg-H, p. 194: I am reciting
Maq.749: Lewis, p. 165: Seeing your face; Chitt, p. 205: Come, O sheer; Türk, p. 38: I swear, it; Alg-H, p. 195: Come, O clear; Alg-H, p. 195: I swear that seeing; Alg-H, p. 196: "May your days
Maq.750: Chitt, p. 130: These words that; Alg-H, p. 197: The Prophet said
Maq.751: Chitt, p. 210: When you serve; Türk, p. 38: I don't remember; Alg-H, p. 198: Even without being
Maq.752: Chitt, p. 185: I had heard; Türk, p. 73: We hear that; Alg-H, p. 198: We had heard; Alg-H, p. 200: Once that divine
Maq.752: Maleki, p. 116: Does anyone expect
Maq.753: Chitt, p. 63: Indeed God's work; Alg-H, p. 203: This is how
Maq.753: Chitt, p. 18: I would say; Türk, p. 76: I had told; Alg-H, p. 203: "Don't drink wine
Maq.754: Alg-H, p. 209: I swear by
Maq.755: Türk, p. 35: When Rumi wants; Alg-H, p. 210: He says, "It
Maq.755: Chitt, p. 268: A woman will; Alg-H, p. 212: Shaikhood is not
Maq.756: Lewis, p. 154: Since leaving my; Chitt, p. 302: From the time; Türk, p. 35: Ever since I; Alg-H, p. 212: Since the day
Maq.756: Lewis, p. 183: If truly you; Chitt, p. 222: Exert effort so; Alg-H, p. 205: Work and endeavor
Maq.757: In spring, if
Maq.757: Alg-H, p. 206: Now, one's longing
Maq.758: Chitt, p. 105: Moses said, "Who; Alg-H, p. 207: The Prophet Moses
Maq.759: Chitt, p. 288: What grief do; Alg-H, p. 213: In the universe
Ma.759: Alg-H, p. 214: Last night I
Maq.759: Lewis, p. 153: I implored God; Chitt, p. 179: I used to; Türk, p. 38: I pleaded to; Alg-H, p. 214: I begged God
Maq.760: Chitt, p. 230: Sir, it's my; Alg-H, p. 215: I have a; Maleki, p. 101: O sir, it
Maq.760: Chitt, p. 305: They said to; Alg-H, p. 215: They asked a; Maleki, p. 182: A Sufi was asked
Maq.760: Türk, p. 38: Rumi says that; Alg-H, p. 216: Mevlana says that
Maq.761: Lewis, p. 162: I go everywhere; Chitt, p. 221 (Maq.760): Why does Mawlana;
Maq.761: Chitt, p. 56: Indeed, if you; Türk, p. 77: A disciple said; Alg-H, p. 216: A disciple said
Maq.762: Türk, p. 79: Far beyond this
Maq.762: Chitt, p. 159: I dreamed that; Türk, p. 39: I dreamt that; Alg-H, p. 218: In my dream
Maq.762: Maleki, p. 182: When water will
Maq.762: Chitt, p. 171: These people have; Alg-H, p. 219: Well, those words; Maleki, p. 101: You feel anger
Maq.763: Lewis, p. 201: For when he; Maleki, p. 102: To say, "I
Maq.763: Lewis, p. 162: The quality of; Chitt, p. 179: This is a; Türk, p. 39: Any visible sign; Alg-H, p. 219: It is an
Maq.763: Chitt, p. 292: The woolen sack; Alg-H, p. 221: The power within
Maq.764: Chitt, p. 179: In the whole; Alg-H, p. 221: All words in
Maq.764: Chitt, p. 75: He said, "Do; Alg-H, p. 222: He said, "You; Alg-H, p. 222: Sultan Mahmoud of; Alg-H, p. 223: How can a
Maq.765: Türk, p. 40: A person asked; Alg-H, p. 224: I asked Mevlana
Maq.766: Chitt, p. 304: In Aleppo what; Alg-H, p. 225: The work of
Maq.766: Chitt, p. 190: I have a; Türk, p. 32: I have such a; Alg-H, p. 227: My state is; Maleki, p. 183: I have a
Maq.767: Chitt, p. 192: When Mawlana has; Türk, p. 32: Rumi speaks about; Alg-H, p. 227: Some of the
Maq.767: Alg-H, p. 228: O soul, today
Maq.768: Chitt, p. 223: If you want; Türk, p. 33: I took some; Alg-H, p. 228: If you want
Maq.768: Chitt, p. 293: On those days; Alg-H, p. 229: On these days; Maleki, p. 102: Religious belief is
Maq.769: Maleki, p. 102: This saying is
Maq.769: Chitt, p. 246: Shaykh Ibrahim knows; Türk, p. 40: During my speech; Alg-H, p. 229: Shaikh Ibrahim knows
Maq.770: Chitt, p. 130: Words are for; Maleki, p. 135: Talk and words
Maq.772: Chitt, p. 306: When anyone claims;
Maq.773: Chitt, p. 188: This was a;
Maq.774: Lewis, p. 164: This Mowlana has; Chitt, p. 249: Mawlana has said;
Maq.775: Chitt, p. 213: I stipulated that;
Maq.776: Chitt, p. 12:You're one of;
Maq.777: Chitt, p. 33: Shaykh Muhammad used to say;
Maq.777: Lewis, p. 163: I first came; Chitt, p. 212: When I came;
Maq.778: Lewis, p. 154: If you live; Chitt, p. 215: Do you see;
Maq.778: Lewis, p. 162: The multi-talented scholar
Maq.779: Chitt, p. 211: The first stipulation;
Maq.784: Lewis, p. 153: I've seen many;
Maq.789: Maleki, p. 122: Unity with God
Maq.789: ; Maleki, p. 122: He who knows
Maq.790: Maleki, p. 103: God Almighty asks
Maq.790: Maleki, p. 103: Lift your load
Maq.790: Maleki, p. 74: Awareness is enlivening
Maq.792: Maleki, p. 103: All lives leave
Maq.793: Maleki, p. 103: A body without
Maq.794: Maleki, p. 184: Someone asked about
Maq.794: Maleki, p. 103: Hold your tongue
Maq.795: Maleki, p. 116: Bayazid Bastami was
Maq.797: Maleki, p. 103: Just as one
Maq.797: Maleki, p. 104: Prosperity lies in
Maq.797: Maleki, p. 104: The greedy have no

Maq.801: Alg-H, p. 252: I quoted from; Maleki, p. 184: . . . I do not suggest
Maq.802: Türk, p. 46: I am harsh towards; Alg-H, p. 254: I only cause trouble
Maq.804: Alg-H, p. 257: Good servants cultivate; Your seeing is
Maq.804: Türk, p. 46: After all, what; Alg-H, p. 258: I wonder what
Maq.806: Alg-H, p. 256: A creative word
Maq.806: Alg-H, p. 258: With all this;
Maq.806: Alg-H, p. 258: God Most High
Maq.806: Türk, p. 85: Those whose target; Alg-H, p. 260: The abode of those; Alg-H, p. 260: Restricting food increases
Maq.807: Alg-H, p. 261: If someone approaches
Maq.807: Türk, p. 84: There is nothing; Alg-H, p. 261: Of her nurse
Maq.808: Türk, p. 84: It is known; Alg-H, p. 262: The sign of
Maq.808: Alg-H, p. 262: We have to
Maq.810: Türk, p. 48: One day my; Alg-H, p. 263: A shaikh one; Maleki, p. 104: Comfort lies in
Maq.810: Alg-H, p. 264: The difference between
Maq.810: Alg-H, p. 264: From the point
Maq.811: Türk, p. 73; During Sema a;
Maq.811: Alg-H, p. 265: If I could
Maq.811: Alg-H, p. 266: A person who; Maleki, p. 75: Whoever is not
Maq.811: Alg-H, p. 267: And what of
Maq.811: Türk, p. 54: Don't ask me; Alg-H, p. 267: If you want; Alg-H, p. 268: Let me think
Maq.812: Alg-H, p. 269: I was working
Maq.814: Türk, p. 50: I was like;
Maq.814: Alg-H, p. 276: Mevlana speaks just; I was like
Maq.816: Alg-H, p. 281: Let your mind
Maq.816: Maleki, p. 123: God will fulfil
Maq.817: Alg-H, p. 282: There are no
Maq.817: Alg-H, p. 285: Beware of whatever
Maq.818: Alg-H, p. 286: Now they gave
Maq.820: Maleki, p. 135: However much consideration
Maq.820: Alg-H, p. 290: Around noon, I
Maq.822; Türk, p. 83: The beloved offers
Maq.823: Alg-H, p. 298: I can translate
Maq.824: Alg-H, p. 301: Someone asked, "Who
Maq.284: Alg-H, p. 301: Don't eat randomly
Maq.827/674: Türk, p. 21: There are a;
Maq.827: Alg-H, p. 180: One day someone
Maq.828; Alg-H, p. 313: You are speaking
Maq.828: Alg-H, p. 314: Now I am
Maq.830: Alg-H, p. 243: A rope dancer
Maq.831: Lewis, p. 145: That Qazi of; Chitt, p. 20: That judge of;
Maq.834: Türk, p. 81: Any one who; Alg-H, p. 166: Everybody who comes
Maq.834: Alg-H, p. 162: This servant's own
Maq.834: Alg-H, p. 168: The Prophet said
Maq.835: Alg-H, p. 175: There are also
Maq.836: Türk, p. 77: Prophet Muhammad once
Maq.836: Alg-H, p. 179: Who do they
Maq.838: Alg-H, p. 140: As Mevlana said
Maq.838: Türk, p. 37: Moreover, I am;
Maq.838: Alg-H, p. 141: This not
Maq.839: Alg-H, p. 142: If you are; Alg-H, p. 142: But if my
Maq.841: Türk, p. 37: One day I; Alg-H, p. 154: One day early
Maq.841: Alg-H, p. 147: My God Most
Maq.841: Alg-H, p. 152: You are asking
Maq.842: Alg-H, p. 156: When someone says
Maq.842: Alg-H, p. 160: If I give; Now you are
Maq.843: Türk, p. 38: Now I want; Alg-H, p. 183: Now, let me
Maq.843: Alg-H, p. 159: If God gives
Maq.844: Alg-H, p. 185: What kind of
Maq.845: Maleki, p. 136: God's will is
Maq.845: Türk, p. 79: It is said; Alg-H, p. 187: They say Adam
Maq.846: Alg-H, p. 189: The divine guidance; Alg-H, p. 189: There is a
Maq.848: Alg-H, p. 192: Too many words
Maq.848: Alg-H, p. 193: Those who don't
Maq.849: Alg-H, p. 195: In the place
Maq.851: Alg-H, p. 201: When that woman
Maq.851: Alg-H, p. 201: Mevlana kissed me
Maq.851: Alg-H, p. 203: Troublesome imaginations are; The servant is then
Maq.851: Alg-H, p. 203: The human being
Maq.852: Alg-H, p. 204: Today by saying; Maleki, p. 184: "Lâ Elâha Ellâ Allâh
Maq.853: Alg-H, p. 205: If a person
Maq.855: Alg-H, p. 210: Bismillah, I said; If in a; What we need
Maq.856: Alg-H, p. 211: If he is
Maq.856: Chitt, p. 343: A Man is; Alg-H, p. 211: This heart of
Maq.856: Alg-H, p. 211: The meaning of
Ma.857: Alg-H, p. 214: Yesterday, so and
Maq.858: Türk, p. 38: Samarqand is a;
Maq.858: Alg-H, p. 215: Mevlana says, "So
Maq.859: Alg-H, p. 219: The muftis of
Maq.860: Türk, p. 39: Now I must; Alg-H, p. 219: Let me go and
Maq.860: Alg-H, p. 220: Even with all
Maq.861: Alg-H, p. 222: If a human
Maq.861: Alg-H, p. 224: What I want
Maq.861: Alg-H, p. 224: Mevlana and I
Maq.862: Alg-H, p. 225: Nothing harms a Maq.862: Alg-H, p. 225: When you do
Maq.862: Alg-H, p. 226: He was of
Maq.862: Alg-H, p. 227: I go to
Maq.863: Türk, p. 40: Rumi kissed the; Alg-H, p. 228: What can I
Maq.864: Alg-H, p. 230: Now you must
Maq.864: Türk, p. 33: I have much; Alg-H, p. 230: Now first of
Maq.865: Türk, p. 33: Traveling is hard; Alg-H, p. 231: Traveling is hard

Persian texts not found in Türkmen
Türk, p. 28: Once people said;
Türk, p. 32: My ego is;
Türk, p. 33: I was like;
Türk, p. 33: My words are;
Türk, p. 34: Rumi writes with;
Türk, p. 35: If someone claims;
Türk, p. 35: I feel no;
Türk, p. 35: However, it is;
Türk, p. 40: If they had;
Türk, p. 40: It is because;
Türk, p. 40: Rumi's speech is;
[X-not in Movahhed's edition] Türk, p. 42: I bless you;
Türk, p. 47: Whatever other prophets;
Türk, p. 50: He who is born;
Türk, p. 53: You can notice;
Türk, p. 54: Human being is;
Türk, p. 57: Children read this;
Türk, p. 57: Prophet Muhammad once;
Türk, p. 58: and avoid that;
Türk, p. 74: We have friends;
Türk, p. 79: Man has two
Türk, p. 83: Don't bother yourself
Türk, p. 84: Month of Ramazan
Türk, p. 89: Men apologize once
Türk, p. 91: People go to
Türk, p. 94: I looked at
Türk, p. 95: The other is against
Türk, p. 102: A mule said [same story as in Maq.108 & 272]

Persian texts not found in Algan-Helminski
Alg-H, p. 5: Mevlana expressed such
Alg-H, p. 6: "The One" is
Alg-H, p. 7: Now, due to
Alg-H, p. 7: Don't be hurt
Alg-H, p. 30: The vizier we
Alg-H, p. 47: Someone was saying [in Konya MS, "mq"]
Alg-H, p. 109: Muhammad said, "Oh
Alg-H, p. 110: I was about
Alg-H, p. 120: Now, when the
Alg-H, p. 127: Everyone knows the
Alg-H, p. 128: Can anybody ever
Alg-H, p. 131: It is necessary
Alg-H, p. 132: He said, "If
Alg-H, p. 133: Sometimes my heart
Alg-H, p. 134: May a person
Alg-H, p. 134: The house is
Alg-H, p. 167: There are travelers
Alg-H, p. 172: One day a
Alg-H, p. 182: Yes, God gives
Alg-H, p. 200: Someone said, "He; Just as such
Alg-H, p. 204: What is passing
Alg-H, p. 209: Yes, yes, but
Alg-H, p. 213: As a matter
Alg-H, p. 215: Happily I speak
Alg-H, p. 217: Since you can't
Alg-H, p. 226: If I were
Alg-H, p. 226: Come and take the
Alg-H, p. 226: My body is
Alg-H, p. 226: How pleasing it
Alg-H, p. 231: May God give
Alg-H, p. 232: Where is the
Alg-H, p. 232: A constellation is
Alg-H, p. 235: No, this is
Alg-H, p. 235: They are calling
Alg-H, p. 238: Even an expert
Alg-H, p. 243: Whatever they swear
Alg-H, p. 244: In order to
Alg-H, p. 276: It is I
Alg-H, p. 279: Among the friends here
Alg-H, p. 280: A hunter used
Alg-H, p. 282: Here the "hawk
Alg-H, p. 283: Hallaj, who said
Alg-H, p. 284: Alaeddin! My heart
Alg-H, p. 288: Just as the
Alg-H, p. 288: I want to
Alg-H, p. 295: Since you have
Alg-H, p. 297: Now what I
Alg-H, p. 300: Even if I
Alg-H, p. 301: When you've won
Alg-H, p. 304: The special servants
Alg-H, p. 304: Learn this from
Alg-H, p. 305: What is the
Alg-H, p. 305: If a jurist
Alg-H, p. 307: For the sake
Alg-H, p. 308: They said to
Alg-H, p. 309: There is nothing
Alg-H, p. 310: A camel had
Alg-H, p. 314: Muhammad said, "The
Alg-H, p. 314: The times when
Alg-H, p. 315: Our prophet said
Alg-H, p. 337: Speak openly now
Alg-H, p. 355: The map of
Alg-H, p. 355: If the faithful
Alg-H, p. 357: If someone calls a
Alg-H, p. 362: Muhammad (peace and
Alg-H, p. 367: They speak of
Alg-H, p. 371: What is the
Alg-H, p. 378: They say that
Alg-H, p. 379: He said, "The
Alg-H, p. 390: You will see
Alg-H, p. 392: Some talk about
Alg-H, p. 408: Everything, by coming into