The Discussion Board

While reading material on this website, please feel free at any time to post responses on the Dar-al-Masnavi Group, especially if it is an issue that may be of interest to other participants on this website. Just click your Mouse on the "Discussion Board" section on any of the left-hand panels. Or click here. If this link does not work, here is the address:

And here is the group email address:

You will need to join the new Dar-al-Masnavi Group at Google Groups, and sign in each time in order to view the postings.

For past listings from 1/08 to the most recent, use this link . Earlier listings (11/01 through 12/07) had to be abandoned (due to persistent pornographic subject headings posted by a spammer), but it may be possible to find some of them via an Internet search.

If you wish to communicate directly to the Translator, just click your mouse on the "E-Mail" section on any of the left-hand panels.