Listening to Masnavi While Reading the English

Those who would like to hear the Masnavi as they are reading it in English (or to listen to it without reading) on a computer or mobile device, verse by verse, may listen to it via a link on Jamil Morris' website,

Jamil Morris lives in England. He is a Shaykh of the Zahuri Sufi Order, a branch of the Chishti Sufi tradition that originated in India. Some years ago, he recorded R. A. Nicholson's entire English translation (directly from Persian) of the six books of Mawlana Rumi's Masnavi (also spelled, "Mathnawi"). He has read the verses beautifully, and from the depths of his years of Sufi training and spiritual realization, as well. At the present time (10/15) four of the books of the Masnavi have been uploaded to the above address on the Internet.