Book 4

Translations with Nicholson's and Anqaravi's Commentaries

Solomon and Bilqis (part one) (7/01)

Solomon and Bilqis (part two) (8/01)

The Sufi Is Happy With Less (10/00)

For The Peace of Your Soul (6/02)

Moses and Pharoah (part one) (11/00)

Moses and Pharoah (part two) (11/00)

Moses and Pharoah (part three) (12/00)

Moses and Pharoah (part four) (12/00

Peace With God (5/02

Pharoah and His Wife's Advice (part one)

Pharoah and His Wife's Advice (part two)

Translations with Nicholson's Commentaries

What Is The Most Difficult (1/00)

The Music of Paradise (4/00)

Gardens Within the Heart (6/00)

The Saint Is A Mirror (6/00)

The Mirror of the Heart (10/99)

The Painted Lion on the Flag (8/99)

Where Do You Really Live? (9/99)