Book 1

Translations and Versions of "The Song of the Reed"

Translations with Nicholson's and Anqaravi's Commentaries

Peace And War In The Illusory World (6/02)

He Is Abiding Peacefully (6/02)

We Are In His Hands In Anger And In Peace (4/02)

Things Are Revealed By Their Opposites (5/01)

Umar and the Harpist (9/00)

Pharaoh and Moses (1/01)

Translations with Nicholson's Commentaries

The Song of the Reed (part one) (2/00)

The Song of the Reed (part two) (2/00)

The Song of the Reed (part three) (3/00)

Spiritual Courtesy and Respect (1/00)

Only Love Can Understand the Secrets of God (5/00)

Creator and Creation (8/99)

In Things Spiritual There Is No Division (Comparative Translations) (8/13)

Companionship with the Saints (11/99)

Stars Beyond the Stars (5/00)

Umar and the Ambassador (part one) (9/00)

Umar and the Ambassador (part two) (9/00)

The Merchant and the Parrot (11/99)

Breaths of Divine Mercy (12/99)

When You Become Sugar (12/99)

When 'Umar Became a Reflector of Mysteries (Comparative Translations) (12/13)

She Is a Ray of the Beauty of God (7/99)

The Dervish is Needy for God (7/00)

the Grammarian and the Boatman (11/99)

Who Is That at the Door? (1/00)

Guard Your Thoughts (6/00)

Joseph and the Mirror (10/99)

The Visions of Zayd (part one) (8/00)

The Visions of Zayd (part two) (8/00)

The Wisdom of Luqman (5/00)

Ali and the Enemy Who Spat in His Face (9/99)